Bianchi Aria – In Store Now

The new Bianchi Aria is designed to offer maximum aerodynamic performance without compromising the ride quality and comfort of an all-round fast road bike. One of the most engaging and aerodynamic road bikes that Bianchi have ever made, the Aria also happens to look stunning.  >>

Cannondale Habit

You could call the Cannondale Habit the ‘sweet spot’ of MTBs. Composed and capable enough to run with bigger-travel bikes, yet light and lively enough to take on the race set, the Habit is mainly concerned with one thing – pure, simple, trail-ripping fun!>>

Workshop Services

We offer three standard service packages, ranging from a Check & Tune that is ideal before a big event, to a Full Service, where your bike undergoes a complete strip and rebuild. Don’t forget that all Club members receive a 12% discount on workshop services and parts! >>

The New LOOK 785 Huez

LOOK applied all of their unrivalled expertise in carbon fibre technology to their long awaited new superlight bike. And in a word it’s brilliant. Full-on race performance alongside the reliability, handling and comfort required by day-long gran fondo riders and WorldTour stage racers alike. >>

Our Bike Brands


Bianchi are true legends of the road bike world - established in 1885 in Via Nirone in Milan, they are the world's oldest bike brand. Bianchi have been at the forefront of bike technology for over a century, and it shows - their class, level of finish and attention to detail shines out of every frame. As the UK's number one for Bianchi, our in-store bikes cover every key road model - Epic Cycles is the only place in the UK where you can see such a comprehensive Bianchi range under one roof!



Cannondale bikes are engineered to perform at the very pinnacle of every category. From the thoroughbred road racing focus of the SuperSix EVO and CAAD12 to the all-day comfort of the Synapse, from the World Cup winning Scalpel to the mountain-taming Jeckyl, Cannondale bikes deliver lightest-in-class weights, razor-sharp handling and perfectly balanced performance. It all adds up to a ride that, regardless of model or discipline, is distinctly Cannondale.


Unique and always controversial, no-one could deny that Mario Cipollini delivered when came down to the sharp end of a bike race.  And all the passion and drive that lay behind his phenomenal success has been poured into to the development of the Cipollini bike brand – fully hand made by Italian craftsmen, Cipollini bikes are simply incredible in terms of sheer performance.  And the level of finish is just brilliant.  Our first framesets are already in store.


From their earliest products, the over-riding goal Kinesis UK has always been to create bikes, bike frames, wheels and components that excel in UK riding conditions. Kinesis was the very first brand that we stocked we opened over a decade ago, as we knew from the start that any bike with the Kinesis UK badge on must be well made and dependable all year round and perform at a level well beyond its price point, whatever the conditions or terrain.


LOOK are a truly innovative and pioneering bike company - in 1984 they revolutionized the world of cycling with the first clipless road pedal in 1984 and did it again in 1986 with the first carbon frame - more recently they moved into pioneering component integration with the C-Stem, ZED-Cranks and now the Aerobrake. LOOK represents pure class and the very highest in quality, whether you compete at pro level or ride purely for pleasure.


Orbea make some of the World’s finest bikes, well known for their presence in the pro peloton. Based in the Basque country, with all of their bikes being manufactured in Spain and Portugal, Orbea have a long and proud history dating back 175 years to the days of the Orbea brothers. The passion that Orbea apply to the design and manufacture of bicycles is evident in everything they do – design flair, technical excellence, and obsession for quality shine out of every bike.


Ridley bikes are born and bred in the heartland of Northern European cycling that is Belgium – with a racing heirtage and reputation that is second to none when it comes to tackling the toughest of conditions. Whether it’s classic Flandrian cobbles, Alpine tarmac, dirt roads or mud-filled tracks, Ridley bikes are built to shrug off anything the elements can throw at them – all with perfect balance and with the emphasis very firmly on performance.


Scott bikes have an enviable and thoroughly deserved reputation for build quality and technical excellence. Their R&D investment is second to none, resulting in more patents than any other cycling company – innovations from tri-bars to truncated aerofoil tube sections come straight from Scott’s Swiss research centre. Whether it's aero race bikes, cobble-smoothing endurance bikes, or lightweight climbing machines, Scott has a cutting edge bike to meet your needs.