Orbea make some of the World’s finest bikes – well known for their presence in the pro peloton, they also make some of the very best and most striking bikes for the rest of us too.

Based firmly in the Basque country, Orbea have a long and proud history dating back 175 years to the days of the Orbea brothers.  Having historically been involved in many sectors of manufacturing, Orbea have been solely dedicated to their core business of cycle manufacturing for over half a century, during which time they have been run as a worker’s co-operative where every employee has a direct stake in the success of the company.

The resulting passion that Orbea applies to the design and manufacture of bicycles is evident in everything they do – design flair, technical excellence, and an obsession with quality that shines out of every bike.  For some great background on the history and development of Orbea please visit their timeline page here.

Through the MyO programme it is possible to specify you own colour scheme, with over 1.5 million colour combinations - all at no additional cost!

Through the MyO programme it is possible to specify you own colour scheme, with over 1.5 million colour combinations – all at no additional cost!  Currently available on Orca OMR and OMP carbon frames, the custom MyO colour option only adds a small delay to the delivery of your bike, because every Orca frame is made and painted in the Orbea factory, and only held in tiny numbers as pre-painted stock.  The majority of frames are held in raw carbon form and only painted as needed.

The classy new Orca and Avant framesets are simply stunning – both in terms of their looks and, most importantly, also in terms of performance.  Whether you are looking for a premium performance frame that is all about agility, speed and awesome climbing, or an endurance frame that adds a big dose of comfort and stability, as well as practicality with disc brake options and huge tyre clearance, the Orbea range should certainly be high on your shortlist.

Orbea Road

The elegant shapes and deep finishes of the Orbea Orca are the things that hit you first.  But it’s the technology and light weight, together with the drag reducing tube profiles and innovative fork design of the Orcas that provide its incredible performance and handling. Aimed squarely at those riders who are looking to ride fast!

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The all-new Orca Aero is Orbea’s first ever dedicated aero road bike. Launched at the Tour de France, it became one of the very first bikes to take advantage of the UCI’s relaxation of the 3:1 aero profile rule. Away from purely aero considerations it offers pro-level lateral stiffness for maximum responsiveness, after all, this is a WorldTour bike!

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Flexibility, fun and utility have been the undercurrents for Orbea’s development of the Avant – from spring racing on bad roads to long days out on the road soaking up summer sunshine, to winter training in wet climates. No matter where you choose to ride, the agile and smooth riding Avant Carbon is the perfect endurance road machine.

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As with its carbon stablemate, the Avant Hydro offers flexibility and practical performance in real-world conditions. The Avant Hydro delivers a lively but smooth ride, with hydro-formed alloy tubing that is both lightweight and tough. Available in both drop-bar and flat-bar models and a choice of five high quality paint finishes.

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The Orbea Terra is a bike that blurs categories, because it’s just so very good in a huge range of riding conditions: endurance road riding, “gravel”, cyclocross racing, adventure or commuting – it does them all brilliantly.  Designed to be the ultimate all-road high performance machine, the Terra may just become the most ridden bike in your stable. 

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The Ordu is for the triathlete or time trialist looking to upgrade an existing bike to something faster, lighter and more aero specific. The Ordu is also the choice of elite or professional road racers who need a UCI-legal time trial bike. Ordu is the racing platform of Team Cofidis, UHC Pro Cycling, and Orbea/Orca Pro Triathletes.

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