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2017 Cannondale CAAD Optimo

The all-new CAAD Optimo is the perfect gateway bike. With features and geometry derived directly from the mighty CAAD12, its race-bred performance and welcoming price will get you hooked on cycling in no time.

CAAD Optimo is CAAD12’s overachieving little brother. With trickle-down tech and identical geometry, it makes a killer first performance road bike, or great training/backup bike for EVO/CAAD12 owners.  Powerful and controllable disc braking, allied with ultra-discrete mudguard and rack mounts, make the new Optimo an outstandingly versatile performance bike.


EXCEPTIONAL ALUMINIUM PERFORMANCE:  SmartForm C2 Aluminium construction is lighter and has a better ride-feel than many competitors’ premium alloy offerings.

ELITE RACE GEOMETRY:  With exactly the same geometry as the CAAD12 and SuperSix EVO, CAAD Optimo offers riders true race handling and body position.

RIDE SMOOTHER WITH SAVE:  Flex zones in the rear triangle and fork absorb shock for better comfort and control.

BETTER STOPPING MEANS FASTER GOING:  CAAD Optimo Disc frames were designed specifically around the advantages of disc brakes. With better modulation and control, discs don’t just offer more stopping power, they off er BETTER stopping power.

2017 Cannondale CAAD Optimo

SMOOTH WELDS - A true smooth weld, rather than the sand, putty, and paint "smooth welds" of other brands. Cannondale's trademark double-pass smooth weld technology eliminates the stress-risers and weak points found on traditionally-welded frames, enabling them to build lighter, stronger frames.

SAVE STAYS - Dramatically shaped and flattened seat stays and chainstays absorb shock for better control, traction and comfort.  The flattened shape and refined butting of the stays offer significant vertical compliance for comfort and control over rough surfaces, while remaining laterally rigid for solid power transfer and confident handling.

EXTERNALLY-MACHINED HEAD TUBE - A technique Cannondale has used for years, excess material is precisely machined out of the low stress areas of the head tube, saving significant weight with no loss of strength.  1-1/8" to 1-1/4" tapered steerer and headtube provide the ideal blend of stout steering precision and light weight.

SMARTFORM ALLOY CONSTRUCTION™:  The most advanced aluminium frame construction on the planet.  SmartForm construction allows Cannondale to make the lightest, best riding aluminium frames on the market.   By pairing three decades of accumulated aluminium construction experience with the advanced design capabilities of their CAAD Cannondale Advanced Aluminium Design) Flow Modelling Process, SmartForm techniques deliver incredibly precise wall thickness distribution and tube shapes, concentrating material exactly where needed to maximize stiffness and strength, while shaving every last extraneous gram from the structure. Internally, all butting is accomplished via smooth, tapered transitions to eliminate the abrupt changes in material thickness that cause stress-risers. Unlike the putty-and-paint “smooth” welds of our competition, Cannondale’s legendary double-pass smooth welds create the strongest possible joints. Combined with Cannondale’s post-weld, heat-treat process that creates a true one-piece finished structure, and you’ve got simply the most advanced aluminium frames available anywhere.

SMARTFORM C2:  Not every frame can be C1. It's simply too costly and labour intensive but, make no mistake, that passion for high-performance aluminium carries throughout Cannondale’s  line. Cannondale’s SmartForm C2 frames feature many of the sophisticated frame building techniques found on the unmatchable C1 frames. Refined butting, precisely controlled tube shapes and exceptional double-pass welds combine to create frames that others would be proud to call their best. World class weights, great stiffness and that unmistakeable Cannondale ride-feel combine to deliver an incredible performance value.

REAR RACK AND MUDGUARD MOUNTS - Making the CAAD Optimo a truly versatile performer. Rear mudguard mount/bridge is removable if needed for the cleanest of lines.

2017 Cannondale CAAD Optimo


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Cannondale CAAD Optimo