Countervail Revolution Continues

Newly crowned “Superbike of the Year”, the stunning Bianchi Oltre XR4 has been generating excitement, press awards and rave reviews from anyone who has ridden one – or even just seen one!

The Oltre XR4 is the fifth bike launched by Bianchi to feature the exclusive and innovative Countervail Carbon Vibration-Cancelling Technology.  This remarkable material simply cancels vibrations that come from uneven road surfaces, which of course leads to increased comfort, but just as significantly it also increases rider control – whether over massively uneven surfaces, such as cobbles, or when the bike is under extreme pressure from cornering forces or sprint-level power.

The Oltre has always been Bianchi’s most aerodynamic and stiffest road bike, but the Oltre XR4 takes both of these properties to new levels, all thanks to Countervail – dedicated tuning of Countervail within the carbon lay-up of every tube provides maximised aero advantage and control at high speeds.


Your body contributes about 80% of aerodynamic drag on the bike, so staying in your most aero position as long as possible is vital for fast times. With the new Bianchi Oltre XR4, you will be able to hold your most aero position at high speed for longer to maximize your aerodynamic advantage.

Developed for NASA by the Materials Sciences Corporation, Countervail® is a composite-material system that combines viscoelastic carbon material within a unique fibre preform to cancel road vibrations and reduce turbulence in the frame that can affect its performance. Countervail enhances the rider’s peak power output by maximising the vibrational dissipation in the surrounding polymers. Countervail is exclusive to Bianchi CV frames and forks for unparalleled cancellation of vibration, ensuring the frame’s optimum performance at peak power output and high speed, and eliminating road buzz to reduce rider fatigue.

The Oltre XR4 was designed to be at the absolute cutting edge of aerodynamics thanks to advanced CFD and Flow Visualisation – technologies borrowed straight from aerospace and F1 car design. When combined with advanced analysis, the resulting data enabled Bianchi  to achieve a significant aerodynamic saving of 20 watts over their already hugely efficient XR2 frameset.

Classic proven race geometry, light weight, highly aerodynamic and with Countervail®’s unique vibration-cancelling technology, the Oltre XR4 keeps you in position to race or ride faster.  The Oltre XR4 was developed and tested in cooperation with Bianchi-supplied World Tour Team LottoNL-Jumbo, and has already been ridden to  numerous victories on the World stage.

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26th July 2016|Bianchi, News|