How is my bike built and tuned?

Tuned for Riding (not shipping!)

As a UK centre of excellence for all of our bike brands we pride ourselves on knowing our bikes inside out, especially on the technical front.

Our technicians are some of the best and most experienced in the UK, and are regularly contacted by the manufacturers themselves regarding tuning and technical aspects of bike set-up and optimisation.

When bikes arrive with us from the manufacturers, even ones that are entirely standard off-the-shelf models they are either partially built or pre-assembled using efficient but not necessarily optimal techniques. Factory builds need to cater for speed of assembly, and the requirements of secure packaging for long-haul space-saving transportation.  This is especially so in the areas of cabling, bearing adjustments and installation, and drive-train optimization.  In most cases the factory assembly (if complete) will of course work, but not as well as it could with proper set-up and tuning.

So every bike we sell is either completely or partially stripped down, then rebuilt to ensure the smoothest and most reliable operation possible – whether, amongst many other things, it is accurate gear shifting, precise braking, free running bearings with minimal play and noise, or weather proofed seals (not all bikes are built with British weather in mind!).

The other aspect to the tuning of a bike is the adjustments that are needed to ensure it is fully set-up to meet the needs of an individual rider. Our technicians will usually need to make changes to certain components, perhaps to swap to different a length stems or cranks, alter gear ratios and saddle placement, or to cut down steerer tubes etc. All of this needs to be carried out by qualified personnel who understand in detail the technical requirements of warranty cover and safe operation.

For more on personalising bikes please visit our FAQ on this topic!