2017 LOOK 695 ZR

The LOOK 695 frame offers outstanding steering precision together with exceptional power transfer, making it an ideal partner for road racing or just fast paced riding for the sheer hell of it.

The down tube, seat tube and stays wrap around the bottom bracket casing and extend without a break in fibres, thanks to LOOK's CFD concept (Continuous Fibre Design).

Using the very highest quality carbon fibres, LOOK have applied their unrivalled expertise in carbon production to produce a frame that simply oozes class and which offers a ride that unmatched in its refinement.

The 695 ZR (ZED READY) frame and fork boasts all of LOOK's top level technology, but comes as standard without the ZED crankset and Aerostem. The frame is nevertheless still compatible with these two components, and can also be fitted with any other crankset and stem. It is competition-oriented and gives you a choice from an à la carte configuration.

"LOOK's 695 is a blend of light, surefooted poise, power delivery and impressive comfort" BikeRadar

Building on their success in 2016, we are offering exclusive Epic Edition versions of LOOK's standard brochure builds across most of the 2017 range, featuring high-performance low-cost upgrades to the standard specifications.

2017 LOOK 695 ZR Frameset Technologies

HSC 7 FORK: The HSC 7 fork is 15% more rigid and 16% lighter than the HSC 6. 100% single-piece carbon with moulded carbon dropouts, weighing only 295 grs and complying with standard EN 14781(Frontal shock of 144 joules). The tapered pivot uses the CFD (Continuous Fibre Design) concept and makes it possible to position the bearings directly on the fork crown (oversized for bearings of 1½ inch).

HEAD FIT 3 HEADSETS + RISER LOOK: Patented headset dissociating headset adjustment from stem tightening. The headset is adjusted by tightening the carbon ring on an offset thread locked onto the steering tube. It is now possible to change stem height without altering headset adjustment. This arrangement does away with the compression kit, replaced by a simple cap. Weight savings: 40 g. The 3rd generation of the Headfit is completely integrated into the head tube thus further optimising steering precision. The 695 ZR includes a screwed riser which secures the headset and is where the head tube meets the stem.

E-POST SEAT POST (E = ELASTOMER) WITH ADJUSTABLE FIRMNESS: The 695's integrated E-Post optimises frame weight and performance, while allowing for up to 3cm of height adjustment (after cutting) and uses a system of different density elastomer inserts to adjust the cushioning of the saddle/rider. The close integration of the post with the seat tube created a sleek look and means that the saddle is always perfectly aligned. New: The E-Post is compatible with Shimano DI2 internal batteries thanks to a small bracket which holds the battery under the seat post for a perfect fit.

MECHANICAL AND DI2 & EPS COMPATIBLE: The 695 ZR is compatible with both mechanical and electrical group sets (DI2 and EPS, using Shimano or Campagnolo external or internal batteries). This is achieved through removable mechanical sheath stops (LOOK Patent). Once the mechanical stops have been removed, an adaptor kit for electrical units is available separately for 100% integrated routing of the bundles (which pass through the bottom bracket).

ZED SINGLE-PIECE CARBON CRANKSET COMPATIBLE: For optimal effort transmission, the 695 ZR (or ZED Ready) is compatible with the best crankset presently available on the market - the ZED crank is moulded in a single piece of carbon (2 pedal cranks + axle + spider = ONE-PIECE THROUGHOUT). It achieves a previously impossible rigidity / weight ratio. The new version of the ZED crankset retains all the advantages of its predecessor (unequalled weight/stiffness ratio, the monobloc design giving it its Z shape, trilobe technology to vary the crank length) whilst being more aerodynamic. This new model is available in three sizes to adapt to all body shapes and all uses. For greater easy of use it is no longer necessary to remove the bearings during removal. The technology in the trilobe insert at the end of the cranks enables crank length to be varied between 170, 172.5 and 175 mm without replacing the crankset while maintaining compatibility with all pedals in the market.


2017 LOOK 695 ZR Geometry


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