Orbea make some of the World’s finest bikes – well known for their presence in the pro peloton, they also make some of the very best and most striking bikes for the rest of us too!

Based in the Basque country, with all of their frames being manufactured in Europe (not just assembled into complete bikes, although that is a European operation too), Orbea have a long and proud history dating back 175 years to the days of the Orbea brothers.  Having been involved in many sectors from Victorian era gun-making to catering equipment, Orbea have been solely dedicated to their core business of cycle manufacturing for over half a century – during which time they have been run as a worker’s co-operative, where every single one of their workers has a stake in the success of the business and is invited to input into their development. For some great background on the history and development of Orbea please visit their timeline page here.

And the resulting passion that Orbea applies to the design and manufacture of bicycles is evident in everything they do – design flair, technical excellence, and an obsession for quality that shines out of every bike.

While we do of course have access to the entire Orbea range (which is vast!) we are very much focussed in-store on their core road bikes – the Orca (Orbea’s performance range) and the Avant (their endurance range).

Our in-store demo and display fleet covers the core sizes in both the Orca and Avant Carbon ranges, but because we order all of our stock direct from the Orbea factory in the Basque region the number of options and colours is truly enormous.

Through the MyO programme it is possible to specify you own colour scheme, with over 1.5 million colour combinations – all at no additional cost!  Currently only available on the Orca OMR carbon frames, the custom MyO colour option only adds a small delay to the delivery of your bike, because every Orca frame is made and painted in the Orbea factory, and only held in tiny numbers as pre-painted stock.  The majority of frames are held in raw carbon form and only painted as needed.

The classy new Orca and Avant framesets are simply stunning – both in terms of their looks and, most importantly, also in terms of performance.  Whether you are looking for a premium performance frame that is all about agility, speed and awesome climbing, or an endurance frame that adds in a big dose of comfort and stability, as well as practicality with disc brake options, huge tyre clearance and the ability to take discrete mudguards using invisible mounting points, the Orbea range should certainly be high on your shortlist!

2016 Orbea Road

Orbea Orca

The elegant sweeping shapes, stylish colour ways and deep finishes of the Orca are what first catch the eye.  But it’s the cutting edge technology, together with the startlingly large downtube and chainstays of the all new Orca that provide incredible strength, stiffness, and responsiveness, while the top tube and seat stays are tuned to almost nothing in order to reduce mass and enhance comfort. The result is an all new Orca that is a total joy to ride.

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Orbea Avant

Flexibility, fun and utility have been the undercurrents for Orbea’s development of the Avant – from spring racing on bad roads to leisure riding in wet climates. No matter where you choose to ride, this bike can be outfitted properly – quickly install some ultra discrete mudguards for rainy days to keep road spray off your feet and your riding partners – strip them back and you are ready to take on a fast all-day epic.  The Avant is the perfect endurance machine.

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