Scott bikes have an enviable and thoroughly deserved reputation for build quality and technical excellence that is world leading.  Their R&D investment is second to none, resulting in more patents than any other cycling company – innovations from tri-bars to truncated aerofoil tube sections come straight from Scott’s research centre in Switzerland.

The levels of finish and attention to detail on all Scott frames is unrivalled – Swiss design precision wedded to world-leading production processes, based in Scott’s own dedicated manufacturing facilities, deliver quality, reliability and performance that needs to be experienced to be appreciated.

Every bike that Scott manufacture is class leading in terms of ride quality and performance – and every model has a specific purpose and design rationale, all built upon the deepest levels of technical research and original thinking.

From aero race bikes, through cobble-smoothing endurance bikes, to lightweight climbing machines, Scott has a cutting edge bike that will perfectly meet your needs.

For the new model year we are offering exclusive Epic Wheel Upgrade packages across most of the Scott range, in addition to the standard specifications of course, that feature high-performance upgraded wheels at minimal cost.

2017 Scott Road Range

2017 Scott Foil

The Foil is more than an aero road bike. Impressive comfort values, superb handling and smart integration make this bike the weapon of choice for many.

Matt Hayman winning the toughest one-day race in the world, Paris-Roubaix, solidifies the bikes dynamic nature. It was a win that would have been impossible on a road bike that was only aerodynamic.

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2017 Scott Addict

The 2017 frameset weighs less than 1000g, is 8% lighter than its predecessor and makes no compromises along the way. It’s a flawless climber, a textbook road racer, and light enough to tempt the weight weenie in all of us.

New for 2017 is the Addict Disc, bringing the control and power of disc braking to the high-performance lightweight word of the Addict.

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2017 Scott Solace

The Scott Solace has been designed to offer a comfortable ride without sacrificing immediate power transfer and direct handling abilities.

The Solace offers an endurance-optimised geometry that allows for a more relaxed riding position on the bike, which in turn enables you to spend countless hours in the saddle with minimum discomfort.

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