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2017 Scott Addict

Born from the synthesis of professional racing and a light weight obsession, the Addict is a true race bike with the right balance of aggressive geometry, overall system weight and abundant power transfer.

The original Addict tipped the scales at 790g (plus forks) and at the time no other frame came close to this benchmark. The 2017 frame and forks together weigh less than 1000g, are 8% lighter than their predecessor and make no compromises along the way. The 2017 Addict is a flawless climber, a textbook road racer, and light enough to tempt the weight weenie in all of us.

New for 2017 is the Addict Disc, bringing the control and power of disc braking to the high-performance lightweight word of the Addict. The Addict Disc has been redesigned almost entirely in order to accommodate disc brakes, while maintaining one of its key features: low weight.  The frame sports a rear triangle and fork that have been designed from scratch – they are not just modified versions of the rim brake Addict – bringing flat mount brake bosses, increased tyre clearance and disc specific cable routing.

“Few can challenge the Addict’s particular blend of refinement and killer poise. It’s one of the great climber’s bikes of our times, but its abilities aren’t limited to heading uphill – it’s a true all-rounder that acquits itself well whether you’re carving down technical mountain descents or bumping over potholes on British lanes.Bike Radar

GEOMETRY: The Addict uses a race geometry that meets the requirements of professional riders and sportive customers who prefer a more aggressive position on the bike and a very direct handling of the bike.

F01 AERO TECH: Scott drew upon their F01 technology tube shapes to create F01-X125 which uses the same truncated airfoil and radius in a lighter chassis. They reduced drag by a factor of 25% over the old round tube Addict resulting in a 7.8% wattage decrease to propel the bike at 45km/h.  Those are some powerful numbers for the average rider and especially for the road racer.

ADDICT DISC FRAME: The SCOTT engineers set out to design a disc verison of the Addict frame with the least possible weight addition which they achieved: the HMX Carbon model is a no-compromise disc brake frame that weighs just 60g more than the rim-brake HMX counterpart.

It didn’t matter which model I was on, the Addict was an easy bike to ride. The bike soaked up a lot of road buzz while its poise was always assured and confidence-inspiring. It’s a combination that really shone on long rides. Scott doesn’t categorise the Addict as an endurance or fondo bike, but it is perfect for epic rides for those riders that prefer more aggressive race-oriented geometry.” Cycling Tips

For the new model year we are offering exclusive Epic Wheel Upgrade packages across most of the Scott range, in addition to the standard specifications of course, that feature high-performance upgraded wheels at minimal cost. We also have extensive stocks of the standard specification bikes at everyday low prices – please contact us for up to date prices on these models.

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Scott Addict Reviews

addict-ctips “Scott has created a tireless road bike in the Addict that offers buyers a fine balance of a low weight chassis with a comfortable ride that doesn’t surrender much efficiency. Indeed, the Addict is a versatile performer that is well suited to long rides on any terrain” Cycling Tips
addict-bikeradar1 “The Scott Addict has never failed to impress…While there are (slightly) stiffer bikes on the market, few can challenge the Addict’s particular blend of refinement and killer poise. It’s one of the great climber’s bikes of our times, but its abilities aren’t limited to heading uphill” Bike Radar
addict-gp  “For all the comfort, the Addict boasts palpable stiffness. When you push into it, the bike — like the tough kid on the playground — simply doesn’t give. Grabbing the drops and ripping into the pedals, the frame takes all the aggression in stride” Gear Patrol
addict-peloton “Ask it to respond on punchy rollers or react to a quick, unexpected attack and it does not disappoint. The same response is there even when the wattage goes up. The Addict 20 drives forward during full-blown sprints, asking for more power the entire way and turning it into speed”  Peloton Magazine
addict-bikeradar2 “The Addict 20 hides much of its cost in a quality frameset. With brilliant stiffness-to-weight and an admirable ride quality, this is a refined, well-rounded racer”  Bike Radar

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