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2017 Scott Solace

The Scott Solace has been designed to offer a comfortable ride without sacrificing immediate power transfer and direct handling abilities.

To achieve this, Scott engineers designed a bike frameset that consists of two specific "zones" that improve the comfort and power transfer characteristics of the Solace - the Comfort Zone and the Power Zone.  However, it doesn't stop there: the Solace offers an endurance-optimised geometry that allows for a more comfortable riding position on the bike and countless hours in the saddle with minimum discomfort. The Solace offers the highest vertical compliance and comfort of any Scott road bike. At the same time it maintains excellent lateral and torsional stiffness values in order to maximize power transfer.  It’s no coincidence that out of the 16 riders of Scott's professional road teams, 11 chose the Solace to tackle Paris-Roubaix in 2016.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. The Solace is made for the toughest of rides. One of those rides is the Transcontinental Race from Muur van Geraardsbergen in Belgium to Istanbul at the border of the black sea. Adventure cyclist Alain Rumpf covered the distance of almost 5’000 kilometers with over 32’000 meters of climbing in 15 days. Guess what bike he chose to conquer this adventure? The SCOTT Solace!

"it is without question the best climbing endurance platform we have ever tested." Peloton Magazine

FRAME ZONES: The Solace can be seen as having a split frame construction. While the Comfort Zone assures a comfortable riding sensation due to the absorption of shocks and vibrations arising from the ground, the Power Zone is comprised of laterally and torsionally rigid frame structures assuring maximum power transfer of rider-actuated forces. Obviously, comfort and power transfer need to be considered simultaneously when designing a bike. At a certain point compliance will begin to affect power transfer negatively and vice versa. That’s why the engineers at Scott spent a lot of time developing different lay-ups and collecting feedback from riders. These extensive testing procedures allowed the engineers to determine the best balance between comfort and power transfer for the Solace.

SDS-SHOCK DAMPING SYSTEM:  As much of the comfort in a road frame is achieved in the rear triangle, we developed the SDS comfort zone to manage compliance in this portion of the frame. The seat stays are engineered to work in concert with the seat tube, which is smaller diameter to deliver additional compliance.

"The Solace reacted to sprint inputs with enthusiasm, and was rewarding on long, head-down efforts too, without ever compromising its smoothness on the road.Cyclist Magazine

For the new model year we are offering exclusive Epic Wheel Upgrade packages across most of the Scott range, in addition to the standard specifications of course, that feature high-performance upgraded wheels at minimal cost. We also have extensive stocks of the standard specification bikes at everyday low prices - please contact us for up to date prices on these models.

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2017 Scott Solace Geometry


Scott Solace Reviews



"Then there are the bikes designed for the Sugar Ray Leonard’s of the peloton, the bikes that use finesse to dance over the cobbles...The Solace is firmly in this second category, with an incredibly lively feel under any effort. Because of this it is without question the best climbing endurance platform we have ever tested." Peloton Magazine



"Beautiful frame that offers comfort and performance in equal measure. Upgrade the wheels and tyres for even more speed.  At its heart is a great frameset that's a joy to ride. It's positive feeling with loads of feedback and poise. The way it can deliver both power and comfort in equal measure shows the skill of the engineers and designers who created the carbon layup and material choice." Road CC



"Scott’s marketing stresses the comfort of the Solace, so I was surprised to find that it was quite stiff. Indeed, it comes close to many race-oriented frames by offering a large dose of responsiveness and efficiency, regardless of whether I was in or out of the saddle. However, the stiffness never dominated the Solace like it can for other bikes." Cycling Tips



"But about 30 minutes into my first ride I was feeling right at home – and immediately noticed the difference the position made to my back – it doesn’t get as tight after rides when I’m on the Solace.  Like the Scott racers that came before the Solace, this one wants to go fast – and it wants you to make it go fast.  Standing for climbing or sprinting yields as much acceleration as I was willing and able to give.  The stability and predictable steering make for some inspired descents – again pretty much limited only by pilot skill (or fear)." PEZ Cycling News



"I felt that adding disc brakes to an already comfort-oriented bike threatened to take the priority of the bike further from the racy end of the spectrum. But the bike felt far more responsive than I’d expected.  The Solace reacted to sprint inputs with enthusiasm, and was rewarding on long, head-down efforts too, without ever compromising its smoothness on the road." Cyclist Magazine



"Rough roads are smoothed out, but the frame remains remarkably stiff. There’s no vagueness around corners, no uneasy squirming on descents, and has a firm power transfer on the climbs. All of these are attributes that you’d hope for in a road racer, but here they come with the added bonus of an endurance set-up that won’t have your back crumpled into a question mark over a long ride." BikeSoup


"The Solace is smooth but not soft. Given the wide rubber and a frame with clear vibration-damping design, you’d expect the road to be muted. Instead, the ride is kept lively, with a feeling of what’s happening beneath the wheels." BikeRadar

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