More versatile than a road bike, more stable and adaptable than a cross bike, and faster over less aggressive off road terrain than a mountain bike. Gravel bikes present a great option for the people who want to cycle both on and off road…often in the same ride. Mellow single tracks, farm roads, gravel, crushed stone, muddy back lanes, tarmac — wherever.

The gravel bike is a machine that’s capable of performing brilliantly on various surfaces while delivering comfort and speed. Their adaptability, versatility, and ruggedness make them a perfect commuting bike, an ideal light touring or bike-packing bike, a great winter trainer, or simply the one bike that can tackle any sort of terrain you care to try on it. They typically offer a slightly more relaxed geometry than a road bike, come equipped with disc brakes to increase braking power and enable the fitting of much bigger tyres, often have the potential to carry luggage, and are stronger and tougher to take the inevitable knocks that come with off-roading.

Kinesis UK

Tripster AT:

An excellent, award-winning and affordable do-it-all adventure, road and commuting bike with bags of versatility. Following on from the popularity and success of the titanium Tripster ATR, the AT now provides a more affordable and flexible option.

Literally standing for ‘All Terrain’ this bike boasts cutting edge adventure capabilities, the option for more luggage than their other bikes, the ability to take both 700C/650B wheels, and will become your perfect companion across a wide range of surfaces.

Tripster ATR:

The ‘ATR’ stands for Adventure. Tour. Race. This titanium classic is a lighter and more refined version of the Tripster AT, but still offers a lot of the same versatility. It’s a comfortable bike over longer distances, and can still come equipped with either 700c/650b wheels to accommodate a wider tyre with more grip, comfort and stability.

Titanium is the ideal frame material for a go-anywhere high-performance adventure bike – it is lightweight, corrosion resistant, lively, comfortable and handles beautifully over the roughest of surfaces and twistiest of descents.


Standing for ‘Go To’, this is a brand new addition to the Kinesis range, offering equal off and on road performance with a simple change of tyre. It comes with a more road-like geometry than the Tripsters, and is built to be responsive, capable off road, but with more of a focus on speed and all-round performance.

The G2 is a classic do-it-all bike – more capable than a road bike; more comfortable than a ‘cross bike; more versatile than an out-and-out adventure bike.


As roady as a gravel bike gets. The RTD is another brand new, super fast bike ready for an adventure.

Suited for anything from racing to multi-day trips with light luggage, it’s very good on road and light off-road or unpaved tracks. The RTD is designed for repeated days in the saddle, and compared to the Kinesis ‘Racelight’ there are subtle changes in frame geometry and detailing that contribute to significant improvements in all-day comfort on the RTD.


Vapour Alloy:

This is a great bike that strikes the balance between a relaxed cyclocross racing machine, and a gravel bike. It’s nippy, responsive, and is complete with rack and guard mounts; making it an ideal choice for mixing winter training, commuting, adventure riding and cross racing.

The Vapour’s geometry is great for those looking to try out CX racing, with a beautifully balanced blend of responsiveness, stability and predictable handling.  A little less aggressive than the more race focused Vapour Carbon, the resulting rider position is also perfect for long days out on the road or adventuring off the beaten track.


This bike is the true definition of ‘extreme gravel’ and is as mountain bike orientated as a drop barred bike can be.

Although it performs OK on the road, it’s much happier off it. Virtually indestructible, this is the perfect rough country adventure bike, with massive luggage capability, steel tubing to make it super tough, a huge gear range, and all the reliability you could desire.

Croix de Fer:

The Genesis Croix de Fer is nothing short of legendary in the world of multi-terrain bikes.  Never has one bike been more worthy of the ‘one bike, many hats’ crown.

This truly is the original multi surface adventure bike, and was created to take on all of your unsurfaced and surfaced long range adventure. Another strong steel bike which provides all the comfort needed for a true mix of on and off road exploration, with plenty of capacity for luggage and mudguards.


Similar to the Croix de Fer, this bike is a slightly more ‘fun’ orientated bike with a little less of the pure adventure focus of the CdF. The new Genesis Fugio is at the forefront of the emerging “road plus” category – bikes built with 650b wheels and fat tyres, for blasting over rough terrain of every conceivable type.

From classic off-road singletrack to pot-holed back lanes. If you’re looking for a bike equally suited to winter miles as it is to a quick blast around the woods this is a great option.


The CdA is possibly Genesis’s most versatile all-round bike for every day use, blurring the line between more traditional CX features and a modern Sportive/endurance road bike. Essentially an aluminium version of CdF, this bike compromises a bit on strength in favour of a more lightweight frame.

For those who don’t need round-the-world exploration potential, the CdA is an escape route via the road-less-travelled or the near-perfect commuter with disc brakes and full length mudguard capabilities.


Impulso Allroad:

The Bianchi Impulso Allroad gravel bike has been one of the hits of this year’s line-up – with bags of Bianchi style, the Impulso Allroad is a perfect bike for those looking to ride over a true mix of terrain.

Unlike some of the bikes mentioned above the Impulso is angled towards having fun on the bike on and off road rather than multi-day adventure rides. From commuting to blasting around the dirt tracks this is a bike built to enjoy.



Using a similar design philosophy as the Kinesis Tripster AT, the new Topstone is a true all-road endurance bike.

With good luggage capacity, impressive performance both off and on road, this is a light and balanced bike. There is plenty of tyre clearance with the Topstone, comfortably allowing for tyres up to 42mm wide, or a little smaller if fitting mudguards using the discrete mounts and removable rear mudguard bridge.

Adventure riding of all types is catered for with three water bottle mounts, top-tube mounts for a nutrition or storage bag behind the stem, and rack mounts for panniers if bike-packing bags aren’t suitable for your adventures.


On the other end of the all-road scale, the CAADX is a fast gravel companion and not fully equipped for luggage. A super versatile bike striking the balance between a more relaxed cross racer, and a responsive gravel rider.

Whether jumping into the joyfull madness of cyclocross or simply looking for a supremely versatile bike for winter training, commuting or light adventuring, the Cannondale CAADX CX bike is an ideal perfect choice, with all models now disc brake equipped for reliable hassle free stopping power.



Available in both carbon and aluminium the Terra is another bike striking the balance between cross racer and adventurer.

The carbon frame is a superb example of a super-fast responsive gravel and road bike. Quick and smooth on road, and light and agile off-road. A great option for the local CX league as well.  The focus is very much on fast riding.

For those looking for something a little stronger, more resilient, and with the capacity for heavier loads then the alloy version caters for this brilliantly whilst not compromising too much on performance.

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