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Our Story

Epic Cycles was founded in 2006 with the aim of becoming the UK’s leading high-quality bike shop – with the emphasis very much on bikes.

We felt that there were few places that offered true in-depth expertise and knowledge of high-quality bikes, or that were prepared to personalise or tailor bikes to the individual needs and preferences of customers.  And where we did find them we were invariably faced with a choice of excessively high prices or poor service levels.

Of course, there were some excellent shops that covered every conceivable type cycling product, and a handful of high-end boutiques that covered a small number of specialist products – but none that stocked a comprehensive range of high-performance bikes, covering all budgets and types of rider, and that focused firmly on bikes themselves rather than accessories.  All too often it appeared to us that shops were trying to cater for every aspect of cycling, rather than specialising in one core product area – in our case, the bike.

Over 12 years later we believe we are unique in offering industry-leading levels of product knowledge, build quality, flexibility and service – coupled with great prices every day of the year across our entire range.  A range that is centred firmly on bikes, and which covers each of our distinctive brands in unrivalled depth.

  • The UK’s #1 high-performance bike shop
  • Focused on high-quality bikes themselves, rather than trying to cover everything else too, such as accessories or nutrition

  • Highly experienced and knowledgeable staff, offering unrivaled levels of service and expertise
  • Centre of excellence for every brand we sell – even manufacturers come to us for technical advice

  • Every bike we sell is personalised and tuned to offer an optimal riding experience for you as an individual
  • All of our new bikes come with three years free servicing

  • Over 6000 fitting sessions carried out over the last decade

  • Highly competitive prices every day of the year for every customer – prices that are for fully assembled, personalised and tuned bikes

Epic Cycles is a unique concept in UK cycle retailing, based on a passion for providing customers with perfectly set up bikes, efficient service, and honest product guidance and expertise within a truly unhurried environment. Our friendly store, set in the lovely Marches town of Ludlow, is the UK’s leading high-quality bike shop, covering all types of high performance adult bike.

What we are about

We stock bikes for every type of riding. We understand what riding positions, materials and bike set-ups work for different body shapes, levels of fitness and riding styles/terrain – we can also talk to you about when a bike frame needs to be stiff and, conversely, when it should be compliant and comfortable. We know which manufacturer excels in which sub-category, and which components represent real value for money and suit which frames.

All of our bikes are assembled on-site by some of the best technicians in the country, and we always carry extensive stocks of road bikes, frames and components – backed by rapid and direct supply routes from our manufacturers.

Most of our bikes are personalised to meet your exact needs and specifications – from full bespoke custom builds through to standard models with minor component swaps or simple size adjustments. Every bike is built and set up to meet your measurements, and fully tuned for optimal performance, reliability and safety before being collected or despatched – it is NEVER just shipped to you in a factory assembled state (which is optimised for speed of assembly and economy of shipping).  As the UK’s leading specialists in high performance bikes, our levels of on-site expertise are unrivaled in the industry.

Epic Cycles is a real shop, staffed by passionate people who really care about the bikes we sell.  We aim to be as efficient as possible to meet the needs of often time-poor customers – but we never compromise on our attention to the details, quality and set-up of every single thing we sell.  We are renowned in the cycle industry for our uncompromising dedication to quality of product, performance and service.

We have deliberately chosen to locate ourselves away from busy high streets, so that we have the time to focus on you as customers who are purchasing high value products – but are still within strolling distance of a beautiful town and communications routes, including a railway station.  Our store has ample on-site parking if you plan to visit, while our sales office is staffed by a team who are ready to talk to you in detail via phone or email if preferred.

We have developed strong and close relationships with a small number of high-quality bike manufacturers that we really believe in. Without exception, their cycles are well-reviewed and have a strong heritage – but what really counts for us is rider feedback, whether from customers or staff members, and we do our very best to test as many bikes as we can!  We regularly visit our manufacturers, so that in the unlikely event of a problem, or if we want to investigate a custom geometry frame size, or discuss the development of the brand, we can talk to people we have a relationship with.

One principle that is very important to us is that we are ethical in everything we do. We will never sell you something that isn’t really suitable or that isn’t an ideal fit, just because we are being urged by a manufacturer to promote it. We will not try to sell you something outside your budget or blind you with cycling science in order to sell you something that isn’t right for your needs. And you don’t need to be a technical expert to receive a warm welcome or honest advice.

We operate an every day fair pricing policy, giving you great value for money every time you visit. We treat every customer equally, whether you are an occasional rider or someone with ten bikes in the garage – there is no need to haggle or ask for discounts, you will have our very best price to start with.  And when comparing prices for fully tuned and personalised bikes we believe we are day-in-day-out the best value bike store in the UK

We believe that our staff should be extremely well-trained, professional and approachable. They should be able to talk about how a bike handles and feels, what it is suited for, and whether it fits with your needs and aspirations – they also need to know exactly how to set-up and tune the bike so that is is optimised for you as an individual.  Between us we have tried out pretty much every piece of kit in the store, and if any of it disappoints us we just won’t stock it.

The Bottom Line

We have worked hard to make Epic Cycles synonymous with the highest levels of product knowledge, technical expertise and customer service in the industry - from the moment you contact us for a chat or some advice, through purchasing and riding your new machine, to the point at which you start to think about trading your bike in for a newer model. Buying and owning a bike should be a pleasurable experience, and we are determined to make it one.