Who We Are

Epic Cycles is a private owned business that is well into its second decade of trading – we started out with a straightforward goal, and while the way we operate has changed over the years as technology and products have changed, that goal is still the same.  To help people find the best possible bike for their unique individual needs.

We are first and foremost bike enthusiasts – all of our staff members are passionate about riding and about bikes themselves.  Together we take part in just about every type of riding you can think of.  We commute, race, tour, bike-pack. We ride on road and off road, or mix both in a single ride.  We ride at home and abroad. We load up with bags, we climb mountain passes on featherlight race machines, we get muddy on forest trails.  We mix it up on singletrack, in enduros, on tarmac, on gravel, through mud; in sunshine, rain and snow.  Some of us ride to compete, some of us to take in the sights, some of us to explore the world.  But what we all do is ride.

What Do We Sell?

Unlike most bike stores we concentrate very much – almost entirely in fact – on bikes themselves, and stock very few accessories.  We do of course carry a comprehensive range of spare parts to support our active service department, as well as components for building up or customising bikes; especially wheels and tyres, which make such a huge difference to the performance, comfort and capability of any bike.

The bikes we sell cover all kinds of riding – road, gravel/multi-terrain, MTB, adventure, commuting, triathlon etc.  They also cater for all budgets – but what they all have in common is quality.  We have developed strong and close relationships with a small number of high-quality bike manufacturers that we really believe in. Without exception, their bikes are well-reviewed and have a strong track record – but what really counts for us is rider feedback, whether from customers or staff members, and we do our very best to test as many bikes as we can.

Between us we have tried out pretty much every piece of kit in the store, and if any of it disappoints, we just won’t stock it.  If we come across products that need unreasonable levels of maintenance, we look for others.

We will never try to sell you something that isn’t really suitable or that isn’t an ideal fit, just because we have it in stock or are being urged by a manufacturer to promote it – although our manufacturers really aren’t like that. We will never try to sell you something outside your budget or blind you with cycling science in order to sell something that isn’t right for you. And you don’t need to be a bike geek to receive a warm welcome or honest advice.

How We Operate

We moved to our current store from a conventional showroom based shop a few years ago, because we realised that the retail world was changing, and we needed to offer customers a much more personal service and even keener pricing.

We do still have a small ‘display’ area, but it isn’t open for browsing, like in a traditional bike shop.  Instead, we operate by appointment, and our staff are now free from supervising an open retail space to give our customers the face-to-face attention they deserve in dedicated appointment slots.  And although our display area is very much smaller than our old showroom, we usually have more bikes in store than before – we simply bring them out to our display area for customers to look at closely during their appointment.

By locating ourselves away from a busy high street, we now have the time to talk in depth with customers – after all, bikes are high value products that need careful consideration.  But we are still within strolling distance of the beautiful town of Ludlow and to transport routes, including a railway station.  Our store has ample on-site parking, while our sales office is staffed by a team who are ready to talk to you in detail via phone or email if preferred.

Importantly, we have no “click to buy” option on any bike – from long experience we know how important is is to talk through and confirm your needs before taking your order.  Bikes have become more complex in recent years, so there a many more details that we need to pin down to make sure you are getting the right machine for you.  The only exceptions are occasional ex-display or ex-demo bikes that we list for clearance through eBay, and which are not available in store.

Customise Your Ride

Key to our goal of providing customers with a bike that meets their own personal needs, whether that’s riding style, body proportions, usual riding terrain, comfort preferences etc,  is customisation.  From the day we opened, over half of the bikes we sell have been tailored in some way – from free of charge size/ratio component swaps, right through to full custom builds.  By far the most cost effective time to tailor or upgrade your bike is when it’s new – and we are pretty much unique in offering no-cost swaps to many components.

All of our bikes are assembled on-site by some of the best technicians in the country.  Every bike is built and set up to meet your measurements, and fully tuned for performance, reliability and safety before being collected or despatched.  It is NEVER just shipped to you in a factory assembled state, which is optimised for speed of assembly and economy of shipping, and not for riding.


We operate an everyday low pricing policy, giving you great value for money all year round.  We don’t have annual or end-of-season Sales – we have chosen our location to keep overheads low so that can be able to offer great prices every day of the year.  Not just once or twice during Sale events.

We treat every customer equally, whether you are an occasional rider or someone with ten bikes in the garage – there is no need to haggle or ask for discounts, you will have our very best price to start with.  And when comparing prices for fully tuned and personalised bikes we believe we are day-in-day-out the best value bike store in the UK


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