There is a lot of choice in the world of cycling, but very few bikes offer the kind of authenticity and pure ‘soul’ that comes with a Basso.  Founded over 40 years ago by Alcide Basso, every single Basso frame is still hand-made to the most exacting standards in Italy from raw materials upwards.  It’s not just an Italian name slapped onto a frame that has been outsourced to a third party manufacturer in a far off land – a Basso is 100% authentically Italian, but without an arm-and-a-leg price tag swinging from its handlebars. It’s one of the few products available that represents something more, something real. An Italian frame, made in Italy, made by Basso.


As with any true Italian product, merely being functional in its intended task is never enough. A design that stands the test of time and evokes emotion is one that is of course flawless in performance, but is also one that performs with a style, class and elegance that has no expiry date. Every Basso frame is painstakingly produced to perform exceptionally but also elegantly. A Basso frame is functionally beautiful and beautifully functional, and as such represents a timeless beauty that will age gracefully and turn heads for years to come. Performance and craftsmanship never go out of style. Combining the two is the Basso way.


Quality isn’t judged merely on performance but also on reliability. Basso produces high performance bicycle frames that are made to ride fast, compete and to win. However, what sets a Basso frame apart from its competition is the fact that its exceptional performance characteristics are built in and built to last. Don’t be fooled by its elegant exterior, Basso’s finely crafted frames are carefully constructed to ensure the same performance after several seasons of riding, just as they did on their very first outing. Whether you race or simply ride hard you can feel confident in the fact that your Basso frame can handle anything that you can put into it or in front of it…time and time again.

Every Basso frame is built by hand, by talented staff to precise standards. Basso can stand behind each and every frame with great confidence because they know every fiber, in every frame and every hand that has come into contact with it.  Building a performance oriented frame is complex, while building a performance frame that performs season after season is an artform. By building in house Basso can guarantee quality, reliability and an overwhelming confidence that their bikes will improve your riding experience. A Basso frame is as beautiful inside as it is outside; you may not see it, but the way it rides will serve as all the proof you need.


A Basso it is all about the ride quality, not numbers; and this is something we totally buy into. There may be lighter bikes, more aero bikes, but none that ride, handle and inspire like a Basso. Better handling, reliable and exciting performance and a ride quality that leaves you feeling inspired to ride further, harder and faster can’t be measured on a scale. As such, Basso doesn’t seek to develop the lightest bikes but rather the lightest bike that can ride like a Basso should.  Every fiber in its construction, every angle in its geometry and every shape of every tube in a Basso frame is designed around the never-ending quest to produce a total ride experience that redefines the joy in performance cycling.


Beautifully constructed, high-performance frames are the result of countless hours of research and development. True to Italian form, the frame must be not only functional but beautiful at the same time. Basso takes as much pride in developing innovative, elegant and finely applied paintwork as it does in building the frame itself. More than just having extremely skilled painters on their staff, the external beauty of a Basso frame is a result of an intense and in depth 360° approach.

Constant research and development in both painting techniques and finishing procedures are allied with Basso’s expertise in developing new materials and finishes to guarantee reliable, long lasting and, above all, elegant finishes on every Basso frame.  Not all frames are created equal…nor are they all painted up to the Basso standard.



The Palta opens up new terrain with the same Basso philosophy of ‘beautifully functional, functionally beautiful’. The carbon fibre Palta is ideal for riders looking for a bike for road riding, gravel racing, cross riding or epic multi-day adventure rides – that can take them anywhere, across any terrain, with no compromise on speed or looks.

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After two decades of fantastic performance, ground breaking design and unrivaled Italian craftsmanship, the Venta model celebrated its 20th year in 2020. And to celebrate the Venta’s  glorious past, Basso introduced a completely new design that is as technically sound as it is beautiful – delivering exception levels of performance and quality at an accessible price point.

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For nearly 30 years the iconic Astra has been hand-made in the Basso factory in northeastern Italy. The latest in this long line of prestigious frames is the best Astra yet – smooth, fast, efficient with characteristically refined Basso handling, making it ideal for all kinds of road conditions.  From flat lands to mountains; from road racing to day long back road exploration.

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