The all-new Bianchi Infinito CV disc is a bike built for endurance, and it certainly lives up to its ‘less fatigue, more control’ tag line.

A bike that has impressed us from the very first edition, the all-new 2019 disc brake version is no exception. With improved braking control, increased tyre capacity and enhanced aerodynamics, combined with a re-designed frame shape, the new Bianchi Infinito CV Disc is the ultimate choice for long rides. From pro races to Gran Fondo events, this is a bike designed to be faster and smoother.

Poised to tackle even the roughest of roads with optimum efficiency, this is an extremely versatile machine that manages to tread the line between comfort and speed with ease.

Combining the classic Bianchi celeste style with a high performance modern frame design is no mean feat, but the Infinito has succeeded in matching its timeless aesthetics to the high performance ride it boasts.

Constructed with Countervail technology, muscle fatigue is greatly reduced while control is increased – perfect for long, fast, and comfortable days in the saddle.

What is Countervail?

The key technology Countervail is a carbon composite-material system that combines patented structural carbon with viscoelastic resin. One of those most remarkable developments in frame technology we’ve seen in recent years, Countervail cancels vibrations like no other material. Not only does this increase the comfort of your riding, especially when the surface gets rougher, but it also reduces muscle fatigue and increases control of the bike.

As if this wasn’t enough reason to love it, Countervail also means that Bianchi’s designers are able to increase stiffness, reduce weight and responsiveness.

The proof really is in the ride with the Infinito CV disc. As soon as you start turning the pedals you get a sense of how comfortable this bike is, but it’s not until you hit the rougher back roads, cobbles, or even dirt tracks that this bike shows just how stunning the technology truly is.

With a complete design overhaul for the 2019 edition comes a multitude of other upgrades, all of which contribute to the improvements made to this already incredible bike.

FORK – The Infinito CV Disc is fitted with a shallow curved blade, aero, full-carbon fork. Featuring a 1.1/8 -1.5in taper steerer and 12x100mm thru-axle drop outs, for steering stability and precision and braking performance.

INTEGRATED DISC BRAKES MOUNT – The Infinito CV Disc frame and fork feature fully-integrated Flat Mount Disc brakes, delivering uniform power, increased efficiency and precise modulation for strong predictable braking, in any weather conditions.

ENDURANCE GEOMETRY – Riding long distances requires a special focus on perfect fit. The downtube diameter on the 57-61cm frames is Infinito CV Disc is increased by 5mm to increase torsional stiffness and optimize weight. Infinito CV Disc uses an integrated-look carbon seatpost, featuring a saddle rail clamp that is adjustable for fore/aft position from +25 to -10mm. This allows riders to create the perfect seated pedaling position for maximum performance over extended hours.

LARGER VOLUME TYRES – When riding long distances with extended time in the saddle, larger volume tyres are the answer. The Infinito CV Disc is compatible with tyres up to 32mm. High-volume tyres add extra grip, comfort and control, without affecting rolling efficiency, or speed.

Handling is spot-on, with good reactions through the corners and solid stability at higher speeds. Under the paint the new disc frame utilises the same CounterVail Vibration Cancelling Composite Technology…as I found with the regular Infinito CV, it’s a technology that works well and in the the disc version has lost none of the smoothness. Rough roads, from rippled tarmac to cracked roads, highlight the Infinito’s ability to filter out the harsh vibrations and provide an impressively smooth ride.

The Infinito offers a good balance between high speed performance and long distance ride comfort, with engaging handling for the more enthusiastic cyclists. – RoadCC

Over rough terrain, the bike soaks up most of the excessive road chatter for a controlled ride. Where I noticed and appreciated it most was going through rough high-speed corners. Where one would usually need to back off a bit to keep the bike on its line, on the Infinito CV these corners can be attacked.

The endurance racing category that Bianchi touts for the Infinito CV treads a fine line…but the Infinito CV Disc walks that line with grace as it offers a great balance between high-speed performance and all-day comfort while producing an engaging ride with handling to keep purists happy. In a world where lines are blurred, the Infinito CV Disc carves a niche for itself by being an endurance bike with a racer’s heart. – BikeHub

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