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Bianchi Specialissima CV

The Bianchi Specialissima was the second road bike to be constructed using patented Countervail (CV) carbon from the Materials Sciences Corporation – originally designed for NASA to cancel vibrations in space craft, it also happens to be an absolutely perfect material for building high performance cycle framesets.

Bianchi’s aim in developing the Specialissima was really very simple:  to use Countervail to build the best ultra-light bike in the world.  By using CV in every part of the Specialissima frameset, Bianchi have been able to use thinner, stronger and super stiff tube sets without any of the drawbacks often associated with ultralight bikes – such as twitchiness on descents, and the harshness that frequently results from efforts to deliver strength and avoid the excessive lateral flex that would otherwise be inherent with thin walled tubing.

The result is stunning –  the handling, climbing, descending and acceleration of the Specialissima is quite simply class-leading in every department.

Using Countervail, Bianchi could have made a frame that was even lighter than its featherweight 780g, and blindly pursued the crown of smallest number on the scales – indeed, they produced a number prototypes that achieved this.  Prototypes that rode better than many of its competitors.

But this was not Bianchi’s aim.  The Specialissima needed to ride better than any competitor bike in the world, so a tiny amount of material was added back in to strategic locations to absolutely nail its ride quality – leaving it close to being the very lightest, but more importantly delivering on Bianchi’s goal of building the BEST ultra-light bike you can buy.

As if the ride quality of the Specialissima wasn’t already enough to place it at the very top of the super-bike field, Bianchi have also invested in new types of super-light paint, and an entire system for customising paintwork to your own individual design – please see the “Tavalozza” tab for details.

The endurance racing Infinito CV was the first road bike in the world to make use of Countervail – as it simply smooths out the roughest of roads, enabling riders to go for longer over any terrain without compromising control, while at the same time reducing the fatigue that comes from road vibrations.

But Countervail has another property that immediately made us call for its use in a super stiff all-out race machine – namely the ability to maintain smoothness and control while being built into the stiffest of structures for ultimate power transfer…and they’ve done it.  The Specialissima delivers the perfect screamingly fast ride – super light, super stiff, super smooth and above all super-controlled.

As ProCycling magazine put it “I am sure that the Specialissima sets a new standard in handling for ultra-light frames. I absolutely love descending on this bike…The overall stiffness of the Specialissima is unreal…While this bike is light enough to please the pure climbers, it also definitely has the stiffness to satisfy heavier and stronger riders who love to beat the cranks with 1,000W plus”


The key technology Countervail® is a carbon composite-material system that combines patented structural carbon with viscoelastic resin.

Bianchi collaborated with Materials Sciences Corp. to develop their innovative and exclusive application of the patented Countervail integrated vibration cancelling system for cycling. Scientific studies prove that long term exposure to vibration, typically absorbed by the rider, causes muscle fatigue and discomfort, resulting in reduced performance – and the stiffer the bike, in terms of flex under power, the more vibration becomes an issue, affecting not only comfort but stability and control at speed.

Traditional passive damping of the frame using superficial rubber inserts and isolators are only marginally effective compared to the integrated carbon Countervail system developed by Bianchi and proven in the extreme conditions of NASA aerospace operations.

Countervail isn’t a small insert or dotted around the frame in patches – that’s not the way it works! It is used in every tube as it needs to be across the whole frame to maximise cancellation. It doesn’t provide cushioning or masking, with the inherent issues of deadening the ride – it cancels vibrations before they reach the rider. Countervail is expensive stuff – but it’s worth every penny as it is quite simply unique in its ability to cancel vibrations and deliver control and power.

With its patented carbon fibre architecture and viscoelastic material, Countervail carbon material is actually embedded within the carbon layup of the frame, and cancels up to 80% of vibrations.

At the same time it enables Bianchi’s engineers to increase the stiffness and strength of the entire frame as the vibrations that are usually amplified by super stiff lay-ups are taken care of by the Countervail material.

Countervail is embedded within Bianchi’s high-performance road and MTB CV models: Specialissima, Oltre XR4, Oltre XR3, Infinito CV, Aquila CV and Methanol CV.


  • Ultralight and rigid
  • Maximum transfer of rider energy into power and responsiveness
  • Fast and reactive during climbing and sprinting, with unparalleled control and precision on descents

Additional features of the Bianchi Specialissima frame:

  • Monocoque carbon hi-modulus frame with Countervail® material
  • Tapered headtube 1.1/8” to 1.4” to improve accuracy in steering
  • Dual compatibility for mechanical and electronic groupsets
  • Internal cable routing
  • BB Press fit 86.5 x 41
  • Seatube dimension: 27.2mm
  • Full carbon dropouts with metal inserts

The Specialissima comes to us either as a frameset, which can then be built up into a complete bike in our workshop using components of your choice, or as a complete bike as listed in the Bianchi catalogue.


We are currently experiencing supply issues on a number of smaller individual components, parts and accessories, which means we are unable at this time to offer our usual customisation or tailoring services.

As a result we are temporarily unable to offer any fully custom bikes that are built from bare framesets.

We are also temporarily limiting the customisations we can offer to factory built bikes to wheelset upgrades and tyre swaps.

Please note that we are receiving an unprecedented number of orders during the Covid-19 crisis, leading to a longer than usual queues and lead-time before bikes can be built by our workshop team.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during these exceptional times.

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