As a result of social distancing measures, we are temporarily unable to offer a physical fitting service.

Once we return to normal practices we will be able to re-start our bike fitting, and anyone who has purchased a bike during the pandemic will be able to book in for their free fitting session if required. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding during these exceptional times.

Bike Fitting

At Epic Cycles we are proud of our record and experience in setting up bikes to fit our customers, having carried out in excess of 6,000 fitting sessions over more than a decade. We include a fitting and set-up session with all of our bikes (excluding eBay purchases and ex-demo, used/part-exchanged, and cycle-to-work scheme bikes).

The underlying principles for our bike fitting and set-up service are that a riding position should be comfortable, efficient, promote good handling, and be tuned to the individual characteristics of both the rider and type of riding they are planning to do. During a fitting session we look in depth at your set-up and riding position/technique, often with feedback from outdoor riding.

Fitting Process

We firmly believe that full bike fit requires a lot more than simply plugging body measurements into an app that then calculates a set of bike set up dimensions – we can do something similar to this when establishing the correct size of bike for you, but not when tuning or setting your bike up to perform optimally for you as an individual.

Key to our fitting process is an in-depth discussion of your riding preferences, fitness levels and background, including past injuries, previous experiences and future plans. It is also important that we watch you move around on the bike, talk about comfort and how you like to approach climbs, descents and corners etc, and also explore how you typically ride – do you prefer to ride hard and fast, do you like to freewheel and look around, are you confident with your bike handling over rough or technical ground, do you usually ride solo or in company, do you carry luggage etc. At the end of a fitting session we often need to discuss how you might adjust to your new set-up, especially if there are significant changes to your current riding position.

We assess, measure and record a full set of bike and body position dimensions during your fitting session. The assessment process involves input from current industry and academic research, as well as our own extensive in-house experience and customer feedback, to match your individual needs and preferences with optimal set-up recommendations.

The fitting session can either be carried out prior to purchase in order to assess your required bike size and basic set-up or, where we have established your basic size and set-up in advance, carried out when you collect your bike in order to complete its set-up and adjust your riding position precisely.

If you are new to road bikes we will of course start from scratch, but if you have an existing road bike we will take your current measurements as a start point.

If you are completely happy with your current set-up then the fitting session helps us to capture your dimensions for input into the building up of your new bike. But if you have any concerns about your existing bike fit, would like to explore the potential benefits of some fine tuning, or are experiencing discomfort or lack of performance we will work with you to identify and address the causes of any issues and improve your bike fit.

Fitting Appointments

Full fitting sessions are booked into 3 hour slots. We don’t often need a full 3 hours, but we do not want to be under time pressure that could lead to the fitting being rushed or incomplete.

As a fitting session requires a member of our team to be available for an extended period of time in order to serve you properly, we operate an appointment system – please contact us in advance to book a session as especially during busy periods, and Saturdays in particular, we can be fully booked for the following few days or even weeks.

Please note – at the time of booking a fitting session we will need to charge the cost of the session to your credit or debit card (£95), due to the amount of staff time we need to set aside for the session. This charge will then be deducted from the cost of your new bike.

Customers who cancel pre-paid appointments with more than 2 days advance notice will receive a full refund, as we will have sufficient notice to book another customer into your appointment slot. Customers wishing to postpone their fitting (rather than cancel) will simply have their pre-payment transferred to a new appointment, as long as we receive 2 days advance notice of the postponement.

What To Bring

In order to carry out a fitting session we need to assess your position and pedaling motion etc, so it helps us if you wear cycle clothing – especially shorts, as we need to be able to measure and record your leg angles and extension accurately, and to properly observe pedaling technique, knee tracking etc.

If you already use a clipless pedal system please bring your cycling shoes along too, and if you use something other than a Look or Shimano cleat system it helps to bring some pedals as we may not have your exact pedal type amongst our stock of test pedals.

Remote Advice

If you are unable to visit us for any reason we can happily advise on sizing over the phone or via email, and if you already have a set-up that you are entirely happy with we can of course use that to set your new bike up without needing to see you in person (we will need to ask you to collect some key measurements for us, which we can take you through over the phone or via email).

To fully assess your sizing needs remotely it can be helpful to gather some details using the form here >>


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