Bike Sizing

Bike sizing is a little different to bike fitting. Bike fitting involves fine tuning your bike set up (things like saddle height, handlebar height, saddle angle etc) to fully optimise your riding experience. While bike sizing is all about establishing that we are supplying a correctly sized for bike for you in the first place.

Using the simple body measurements and information below we can ensure that you are riding the right size bike and get you 90% of the way towards an ideal riding position. Sizing a bike properly will make sure that you avoid discomfort, poor handling and injury. It will also provide a firm base on which to fine tune your position at a later date, when you are familiar with your bike and better understand how it performs.

The form below can be used to send us the simple information we need to size your bike with a high degree of accuracy, using the experience and knowledge we have built up over the past 15 years of bike fitting.  Please enter your details in the relevant boxes using the diagram as a guide, and click on “send”.

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