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Staff Favorites – Mavic 2020

Over the years we've spent a lot of time visiting brand HQ's, watching technology and design develop, and being introduced to new products across the entire spectrum of performance innovation. Along with that has come the full range of emotion; from disappointment and anticlimax, to relief and excitement. Best of all though is when we walk away feeling inspired to ride our bikes, and to bring the best riding experience to every customer that walks through our door. This is exactly what happened when we were invited out to Mavic's HQ to see what the coming year had in store. It was clear that a huge amount of work has been put in to step up the performance of [...]

The Gravel Diaries – Episode 4:

The Week In Riding: After taking a few days off the bike, followed by a couple of shorter days to ease the legs back into it, I embarked on my biggest ever week of riding. I wanted to do a run of back-to-back long rides to see how my body adapted to the build up of fatigue. Having historically always stuck to a pretty regimented training plan, where I would take a recovery day every three days on average, I'm not that accustomed to getting back on the bike day after day and riding very long hours again and again. It definitely takes a shift in mindset, and an ability to keep going even when the legs tell you [...]

The Gravel Diaries – Episode 3:

Getting Into Gravel: For a lot of people, including myself, gravel riding is a pretty new concept. Coming from the road, I had to change my style of riding a lot, and embrace the fact that I was a beginner again. Bike handling was always something I felt confident with on the road, so I was surprised by how many new skills I was having to hone for gravel. When it came to making the transition into off-roading, or when I was heading out into some more difficult terrain for the first time, I went with the approach of less is more. I didn't go straight from riding for an hour on sedate woodland trails into 100km of far [...]

The Gravel Diaries – Episode 2:

The week in riding: Without planning on it, over the past week I spent more hours in the saddle than ever before. I might have trained harder in my former life as a full-time cyclist, but I've never ridden as much. And I've definitely never enjoyed myself on the bike more. It's taken a long time for me to unlearn my previous way of riding, and to be able to just kick back and have fun with it. There always had to be a strict plan, a watching of the numbers, and a constant analysis. There's definitely a place for that, but this isn't it for me. Riding gravel, and lots of it, simply because it makes me happy, [...]

Cannondale Topstone Lefty – In Review:

Since its initial launch last year, the Cannondale Topstone Carbon has been a genre-defining bike. Taking the world of gravel riding by storm, the innovative and reliable KingPin suspension allowed people to venture into new territory on the trails, whilst maintaining the speed and agility of a drop barred bike. We fell in love with the Topstone Carbon from the first pedal stroke, as it opened up a new world of adventurous fun. Given this bike's runaway success, it would have been easy for Cannondale to rest on their laurels. However, they've stepped up the gravel game once again with the release of the Cannondale Topstone Carbon Lefty. An already exceptional bike just got more extraordinary. Promising more capability, [...]

The Gravel Diaries – Episode 1:

Who am I and where am I starting from? Before launching into the riding, routes and reviews of this series, I realised I should quickly give a little background on myself. I was formerly a professional road racer, and spent all of my time on skinny tyres and tarmac. During my years spent riding in the World Tour, and those spent getting there, I barely touched the rough stuff. In fact I didn't even own a mountain bike, let alone a gravel bike, until the last couple of years. For the past six months I've been riding long distances on the gravel and trails, with an eye on ultra-endurance adventure racing, and learning everything from scratch along the way. [...]

Introducing The Gravel Diaries

We are really excited to introduce ‘The Gravel Diaries’; a series of weekly blogs that we will be hosting on our website. During the lockdown we’ve been seeing more and more riders getting out locally on their bikes, and in particular out onto the gravel. It’s inspired us all to ride more, and we’ve decided that we want to create more content based around actually being on bikes; from ride reports and kit reviews, to Komoot routes and lessons learned along the way. We’ve enlisted the help of ex-professional road racer, Molly Weaver, to document her journey into adventure racing. As one of our supported riders this year, Molly has made the switch from the road and onto the [...]

In Review – Kinesis G2:

The Kinesis G2 is definitely up there as one of our favourite, and often underrated, bikes in store. As soon as we got a chance to test one out, we knew it had the ride quality to match its style. We've always been very careful to only stock bikes that we believe are the best in their respective categories. Some of these receive the recognition and acclaim that they deserve, whilst bikes such as the G2 fly under the radar.The Kinesis G2 is nimble, fast handling and plenty tough enough for the rough and tumble of UK gravel riding, but it’s also a great bike for fast riding over paved roads – especially when the surface gets rough, wet, or [...]

Our Favourite 2020 Bikes under £1000

Ever since opening Epic Cycles over a decade ago, we have had one straightforward goal, and while the way we operate has changed over the years as technology and products have changed, that goal is still the same.  To help people find the best possible bike for their unique individual needs. The bikes we sell cover all kinds of riding – road, gravel/multi-terrain, MTB, adventure, commuting etc.  They also cater for all budgets – but what they all have in common is quality. Here are some of our favourite Epic bikes of 2020 under £1000. With our simply unbeatable EVERYDAY EPIC LOW PRICE  we can help you find the perfect bike for your buck. Cannondale Trail (Mountain Bike): Completely re-designed [...]

Introducing the ‘Socially Distanced’ Dirty Weaver

Please join us in sponsoring ex-pro Molly Weaver in her bonkers cycling challenge on 18th April - riding 1,111 laps (130km) of her garden in 12 hours to raise money for Women's Aid to support victims of domestic violence, which is sadly increasing during the current lockdown period. It's a physical challenge for sure (although Molly has of course done longer rides during her career) but it's mainly going to be a mental one! 1,111 laps...with five slow speed turns per lap... It'll be the thought of the funds raised that keeps her going, so please visit her JustGiving page and donate anything you can. On the 18th of April I was signed up to race a long-distance gravel [...]

In Review – Cannondale SuperSix Evo

Newly crowned "Overall Bike of the Year" - Cannondale have totally redesigned their flagship carbon road race bike with an all-new frame that is more aerodynamic, stiffer and comfortable than the SuperSix Evo they first introduced in 2011. The all-new 2020 SuperSix EVO is a pure road bike – a beautiful evolution of Cannondale’s classic race machine, designed with the aim of being the fastest, most appealing, most capable lightweight road bike in the world. Boasting a saving of 30 watts over the prior version at 30mph, the drag-reducing tube shapes and integrated design of the new SuperSix EVO bring more to this ride then just a stunning new look. Wind tunnel testing has also revealed a reduction in [...]