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Cervelo – Never Look Back

We couldn’t be more excited to be announcing the addition of Cervélo to our range at Epic Cycles. The cutting-edge technology, performance and sheer class of Cervélo's bikes is at the forefront of the market, and it’s a brand we’ve been wanting to stock for over a decade. 2019 looks to be a golden year for Cervélo  with new models that are pushing the limits of what’s possible right across the high-performance market, making this the perfect time to have them on board.  They truly are the world's fastest bikes. Cervélo are incredibly loyal to their dealer network, something we respect in this highly competitive market, and they already had a local dealer when Epic Cycles opened its doors back [...]

Bianchi Aria e-Road: the ultimate aero e-Road bike?

Bianchi is constantly developing and expanding its high-end e-bike range, and the newest advancement is the most impressive yet with the launch of the new Aria e-Road. This is undoubtedly the most aero and sleekest e-Road bike we've ever seen. The newly-developed Inner Power Drive system has enabled Bianchi to develop a bike with the performance and looks of an aero race frame, while also expanding the limits of human possibility. Full Details and Ordering  >> Aria e-Road aero carbon bike, engineered with Bianchi's Inner Power Drive system, is the perfect solution to the demands of genuine road riders all over the World: to have the look and feel of traditional, pure high-performance, race-bred road riding, with powerful electrical [...]

2019 – the year of the aero bike

Over the past few years we’ve seen a massive step up in the development of performance frames, with technological advances and innovation leading to more and more competition to create the fastest bikes. Arguably the biggest player in this fight has been aerodynamics. The focus on creating the most streamlined machines possible has made 2019 the year of the aero bike. Drag is the biggest force working against a rider, so eliminating every bit possible is the biggest challenge for the manufacturers. At speeds in excess of 15mph air resistance is the biggest force you must overcome. It’s massively more important than rolling resistance or weight. Even on a climb the gradient must be 8% or above for weight [...]

Lessons from the road less traveled:

Our very own Viv Tolley has just returned from his ‘epic’ bikepacking adventure from Santander to Santiago de Compestela; the latest in a long line of envy inducing trips which have taught him a lot of the do’s and don’ts of travelling by bike. Having all benefited from his knowledge ourselves we thought it was time to share the wisdom of experience with anyone else thinking of embarking on their own bikepacking journey: My main tip when planning for a multi-day overseas trip would be to do some local practice rides with full kit to get used to bike handling etc. In our case we did a weekend trip to the coast with the full kit we expected to use [...]

Cross is Coming!

With the cross season fast approaching we’re excited to introduce you to our versatile range of cyclocross bikes here at Epic Cycles. As a rapidly growing discipline, and one we in store have fallen in love with, we’re happy to have expanded our range to cater for everyone’s needs. In our opinion this is the most accessible form of racing there is. It’s fun, social, affordable, gives purpose to your winter riding, and definitely makes the cold and wet days much more enjoyable!  Every brand we stock has won either national or world titles in cyclocross, so we know there’s a high-performance bike to suit everyone. ALLOY Alloy frames are a perfect choice for those looking for an affordable [...]

The All-New Cannondale Topstone

Named after a favorite dirt road loop near Cannondale’s headquarters in Connecticut, the brand new Topstone is pure gravel goodness. With its high-volume tyres, confident rider position and sporty handling, it is ready to smash out big miles on the back-roads, explore routes less traveled, or smooth out the potholes on your morning commute. The Topstone sits alongside the race-proven CAADX as a perfect bike to take on a huge range of surfaces – from rough paved roads through to grass, mud and rocky gravel. While the CAADX is aimed squarely as fast mixed terrain riding, including cyclocross racing, the Topstone is designed for adventure – still with a free-spirited grin on your face – this is no heavy [...]

New Rider Alert!

We’re excited to introduce to you the latest rider to be supported by Epic Cycles. Molly Weaver is a professional road rider who decided to take a break from racing this year, however after some time away from the bike has decided to get back in the saddle and try something a little different. When the idea was pitched to us that she wanted to see if it was possible to go from being a pro roadie, to an extended period off the bike, to a competitive cyclocross racer we wanted to be a part of the journey.  Whether this leads to ‘epic’ success on the bike, or simply shows it’s possible to jump into something new and discover the love of riding in unexpected places, [...]

Introducing the Orbea Orca Aero Disc

It’s our favourite time of year here in store. Not only are we enjoying the best time for riding, but we’re also excited to be bringing in new models and new colourways throughout the summer. Following on from last year’s successful launch of the Orbea Orca Aero we’re glad to see the continued development of this bike. We’re all in agreement that it’s one of the most stunning aero bikes we’ve ever seen, and it rides like a dream as well.  Super fast over any terrain, smooth, and with the kind of sublime handling that aero bikes are often missing. From the moment this bike was launched last year it was at the forefront of aero technology.  It was [...]

All-New SystemSix Launched

After all of the rumours and speculation, the all-new Cannondale SystemSix is here. It has been a long time in development, but Cannondale have deliberately taken their time, rather than jumping onto the aero bandwagon, and the result has certainly been worth the wait.  Cannondale have developed the SystemSix with the aim of exploiting every one of the latest technical advances and relaxations of UCI regulations to deliver the fastest all round aero bike in the world.  And they have done it! >> full details

Guest Blog – Lessons from a bike build:

Words by Molly Weaver Having recently taken a break from professional cycling the time came to give back my team bikes and build up a new machine. It was only then that it dawned on me how little I knew about bikes. I knew how to train and race, but the lack of knowledge that came with the luxury of team mechanics was clear. I never touched my bike except to ride it. I’m still very fortunate to have the support of Genesis and Epic Cycles in my latest two wheeled pursuits, and could have left my beautiful new bike to be built by the pro’s, but the time to gain some more mechanical knowledge had long since passed. Now [...]