Bombtrack hails from Cologne, Germany, with a level of design and engineering that is quite simply class leading.  The brand’s ethos is highly straight forward focused: to design bikes influenced by the lifestyle of the everyday cycling enthusiast, with attention to detail that you would expect from a custom frame builder.

From multiple clear coats of lacquer over exclusive paint colourways to anodised highlights dotted around the bike, and big tyre frame clearances to beautifully thought through luggage bosses, Bombtrack’s levels of finish are unrivaled by any other large volume manufacturer.

Whilst the range is diverse, it very much  targeted at exploration and adventure cycling – whether that means cyclocross, gravel, endurance all-road racing, or all out bikepacking. Versatility is one of Bombtrack’s core design principles, with a lot of bikes being suitable for a multitude of uses.


The Hook EXT is Bombtrack’s  best selling bike for good reason.  Quite apart from its beautiful and hard wearing anodized paint finish, the Hook EXT ticks every box that a hard-riding gravel rider could wish for.  A premium quality steel frame, paired with a beautifully designed carbon fork delivers the optimum blend of stiffness, strength, reliability and low weight.  Featuring a full set of luggage bosses and huge tyre clearance the Hook EXT is ready to charge through the most extreme of gravel adventures.

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The Bombtrack HOOK EXT-C is outrageously responsive while being equipped for anything you can throw at it.  When you want to go wild places fast, there simply isn’t a better bike for the job. An ultralight carbon frame strips mass from its best-selling stablemate, the Hook EXT, while retaining the versatility the range is known for.  Triple mounts on the forks, mounts on the top tube, bosses everywhere and three separate bottle cage fixings allow you to carry as much as you need with you.

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A gravel racer, a modern touring bike or an audacious all-road audax machine? Take your pick – the Bombtrack Audax AL has it all covered…superbly and in style. The Audax AL features a premium hydroformed aluminium frame that uses optimised butting profiles to reduce weight and increase compliance. With a full set of luggage bosses and plentiful clearance, it can swallow up wide tyres or be set-up with mudguards as needed.

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The Bombtrack Audax is a true all-road bike that refuses to be bound by convention, and lays claim to be one of the most versatile “back road” bikes on the market, switching back and forth from pavement to dirt and gravel without missing a beat. A robust, refined and adaptable Columbus Cromor steel frame is the starting point. With through-axles and a wide threaded bottom bracket, it should survive a lifetime of intense use, as will its lightweight full carbon adventure fork.

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The Bombtrack Beyond is a bike you can live aboard for weeks at a time. Made to cross countries and continents via all kinds of roads and trackways, the Beyond is Bombtrack’s most affordable adventure-touring bike. Using a double butted steel frame, its high front makes for hugely comfortable endurance riding with high levels of stability when loaded up.

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The Bombtrack Beyond+ is a bike for big adventures on the rough stuff – it’s lively when ridden unloaded but remains super stable once laden with bikepacking bags. Huge 2.8’’ tubeless tyres and 27.5’’ wheels and a suspension adjusted steel frame together with massive luggage carrying capacity means this bike is serious about adventuring beyond your usual horizons.

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Go anywhere on the Bombtrack Beyond+ ADV – with hugely wide 29’’x3.0″ tyres, easy gearing, and a radical backswept Jones bar, this bike is ready to be ridden to the ends of the earth. Rolling ever onwards, its double butted frame and carbon fork cut weight and increase comfort. A unique, low-profile geometry creates standover for technical riding while also making the bike easier to hop aboard when loaded.

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The Bombtrack Arise Tour offers a super deep classic finish, yet entirely modern design. This all-road super-tourer has all the features and carefully selected components to take you on any journey.  It takes Bombtrack’s expertise and distills it into a modern touring bike. With twin Tubus racks, mudguards, and Supernova dynamo lighting, the Arise Tour comes with everything you need to get underway.

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