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Cannondale bikes are engineered from the bottom up to optimise performance and offer stand-out reliability – and they are not afraid to challenge the accepted norms in the search for perfection.

Always at the forefront of bike technology, Cannondale offer high performance bikes that are at the leading edge but still within reach of all riders and budgets.

From the race focus of the SuperSix EVO, F-Si and SystemSix, the race-proven all-day comfort of the Synapse and the category-blurring adventures of the Topstone, through to the trail ripping fun of the Habit, Cannondale deliver award winning bikes with lightest-in-class weights, perfectly balanced stiffness and spot-on handling.

It all adds up to a ride-feel that, regardless of model, is distinctly Cannondale.

We love Cannondale's relentless search for performance, practicality and reliability and are proud to have become the UK's leading independent bike store for Cannondale high performance machines, across all disciplines.

No matter what rider type you are, no matter what type of terrain you plan to take on – Cannondale will have a high-performance quality bike to suit your needs!

For the new model year we are once again offering exclusive Epic Upgrade Edition models across much of the Cannondale range, in addition to the standard models of course, featuring upgraded wheels at minimal cost.


Cannondale developed the SystemSix with the aim of exploiting every one of the latest technical advances and relaxations of UCI regulations to deliver the fastest all round aero bike in the world.  And they have done it – the SystemSix is Race Bike of the Year 2019!

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The all-new 2020 SuperSix EVO is a pure road bike – a beautiful evolution of Cannondale’s classic race machine, designed with the aim of being the fastest, most appealing, most capable lightweight road bike in the world… “breathtakingly good” Cycling Weekly

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Quite simply, the speediest, smoothest, best handling, finest performing aluminum race bike in the world.  The all-new CAAD13 reinforces Cannondale’s position and reputation as the undisputed masters of aluminium frame design.

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Not simply an alloy version of the Synapse Carbon, the new Synapse Alloy is a quick and agile road bike, but one that is equally at home on sportives, daily commutes, light touring and mudguarded winter training rides – it will even take big tyres for lighter dirt surfaces.

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As review after review has reported, the Synapse Carbon is faster, lighter, more versatile, and smoother over an even wider range of surfaces than any of its competitors.  With the Synapse Carbon, Cannondale re-invented the endurance road bike category – welcome to “Road Plus”.

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The CAAD13’s overachieving little brother. With trickle-down tech and fast road geometry, it makes a killer first performance road bike – while subtle mudguard mounts expand its usability into daily commuting, winter training and general road riding.

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The brand new Cannondale Topstone Carbon builds on the runaway success of its lightweight C2 Aluminium sibling, with even lower weights and an innovative micro-suspension system that extends its all-road capabilities even further .

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Named after a favorite dirt road near Cannondale’s HQ, the Topstone is a true all-road conqueror – equally at home on gravel or paved roads. With its high-volume tyres, confident rider position and sporty handling, it is ready for fun and adventure.

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The ultimate cross and gravel racing machine, the all-conquering SuperX delivers stability and traction better than anything else on the market. The ultra light weight, stiffness and smooth ride are just icing on the cake.

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A supremely versatile bike, the fast and agile CAADX is capable of everything from general road riding and training, through cyclocross racing to batting along everything from rough back roads to gravel trails.  Subtle rack and mudguard mounts further expand its usability.

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Cannondale – Mountain

The Cannondale Trail brings a level of performance and handling normally reserved for far more expensive machines. Its confident geometry, well thought out components and advanced frame technology make a difference you can feel from the first pedal stroke.

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The carbon F-Si is the lightest mountain bike frame Cannondale has ever made, and lays claim to be the fastest XC race hardtail in the world.  Fastest on the climbs, Fastest on the descents. Faster everywhere.

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The Scalpel-Si is the ultimate race bike for the challenging terrain of modern “extreme” cross country, and with new trail inspired geometry it is also the perfect machine for trail or singletrack riding for anyone looking for speed!

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The all-new Cannondale Habit is the perfect trail machine – ready for literally anything, from a lunch-hour blast to a bucket-list destination. Light, versatile and supremely capable on just about anything the trail can throw your way.

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