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The cutting-edge technology, performance and sheer class of Cervélo’s bikes places them at the forefront of the quality cycling market, whether looking for triathlon, road or gravel high-performance bikes.

2020 looks to be another golden year for Cervélo with new models, such as the P-Series and Aspero, that are pushing the limits of what’s possible right across the high-performance market, making this the perfect time to have them on board.  They truly are the world’s fastest bikes.

For more than two decades the goal at Cervélo has been simple: Design and engineer the world’s fastest bikes. Whether you’re a Grand Tour racer, Ironman champion, Gran Fondo rider, gravel racer, weekend warrior or Saturday morning enthusiast

As a company that is totally focused on design and engineering excellence, how do Cervélo push innovation further with every frame?  Cervélo believe there are five distinct factors that can be looked at when it comes to improving a bike, and each is carefully considered and balanced by their engineering team to meet the specific needs of each new model they develop.


    Cervélo’s approach to ride quality focuses on the rider’s experience. They define ride quality as the feeling of the bike being appropriate for its intended use.  For each of their bikes, Cervélo’s engineers apply technologies and design elements that work together to create a ride experience that is appropriate for the particular type of riding and rider that the bike is intended for.


    Aerodynamics is at the very core of what Cervélo do. The company was founded with the goal of making cyclists faster, and using aerodynamics is the best way to achieve that goal.  Cervélo take a system approach to aerodynamics, considering the bike, rider, and all components together. A bike never rides itself, and so they don’t design or test their bikes without a rider. It means that Cervélo’s bikes are not just fast in the wind tunnel, but fast out on the road with you as well.

    Different areas of the frame require different mixtures of fibres to create the desired levels of stiffness, strength, weight, and compliance.  This is where advanced engineering comes in.  Cervélo build extremely light bikes that are stiff, strong, and comfortable to ride.

    The stiffness of your bike has a big impact on your ride experience. The instant connection you feel when you ride a bike with efficient power transfer and responsive handling is a result of stiffness of the bottom bracket area, fork, and head tube.  Cervélo has spent years researching and testing these different types of stiffness to create the best possible riding experience for you.  Through many hours of research and testing, Cervélo has defined the particular types of frame stiffness that have the greatest impact on a bike’s performance, whether steering, pedalling, or vertical saddle stiffness.

    Cervélo values standard components and intuitive adjustments, all of which make their bikes simple to own and easy to enjoy. You’ll appreciate this when you get your Cervélo tuned up for the first ride of the season, or pack it up for your next trip.  Future-Proof frames include features that combine industry standard with designs that are easily swapped out by hand to accommodate upgrades and changes. The benefit: One frame, any system. You can buy with confidence, knowing your bike is easily upgradable and can be enjoyed with the latest technology for years to come.


Classic Lightweight Performance:  R-Series bikes are engineered to help you achieve your own personal glory.  World Tour riders praise their unrivalled stiffness, light weight, and stable handling. These bikes aren’t only for the pros though. The legendary smoothness, agility and engaging ride make the R-Series ideal for anyone looking for a high performance bike for riding over a variety of terrain – not just sprints and mountains.

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Cervélo has always been the leader in building fast, aerodynamic bikes. They have continued the tradition with the new 2019 S-Series. Completely re-designed for their World Tour racers and boasting significant improvements in aerodynamics and stiffness, S-Series bikes are about all out speed. If you live for the thrill of the sprint and going fast, the new stunning S-Series bikes are made for you.

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The Áspero is Cervélo’s first foray into the emerging world of gravel riding and the design brief was simple – to create the fastest possible bike for gravel racing, in all its forms, from endurance to gravel enduros.  And they have undoubtedly succeeded with a stripped down racing frame that greatly outperforms traditional over-built frames that are more aimed at luggage hauling and heavy impact resistance.

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The Cervélo are amongst the most popular and successful bike brands on the triathlon and time trial circuits.  Cervélo have dedicated years of R&D to make the P5, P-Series and P3 the most aerodynamic, user-friendly, and stiff triathlon and time trial bikes on the market. You will feel their efficiency and speed from your first pedal stroke. A large range of sizes enables you to dial in your perfect position.

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Cervélo’s C-Series is designed to give you the confidence to explore, whether on an all-day epic or a short spin before work. Comfortable and stable, yet lightweight and with an extremely lively ride feel. Cervélo applied all they have learnt from building race bikes, together with special frame building techniques, wider tires, and custom geometry to deliver a bike that means you can explore for longer and have more fun.

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