With the cross season fast approaching we’re excited to introduce you to our versatile range of cyclocross bikes here at Epic Cycles.

As a rapidly growing discipline, and one we in store have fallen in love with, we’re happy to have expanded our range to cater for everyone’s needs.

In our opinion this is the most accessible form of racing there is. It’s fun, social, affordable, gives purpose to your winter riding, and definitely makes the cold and wet days much more enjoyable!  Every brand we stock has won either national or world titles in cyclocross, so we know there’s a high-performance bike to suit everyone.


Alloy frames are a perfect choice for those looking for an affordable introduction to the world of cyclocross racing, or those who need a truly versatile machine for all-round use. With our choice of bikes you can get your hands on a rig capable of racing at your local cyclocross league for under £1000.

These bikes also have the added bonus of being multipurpose: whether you want to get into racing, go bikepacking, tear up your local gravel trails, or fit mudguards and use as a winter trainer these are the ideal bikes to cover all the bases.

Cannondale CAADX:

This bike is a case of serious do-it-all versatility meeting serious cyclocross racing capability. Drawing on geometry and technology from its big brother, the Super X, this bike offers incredible traction, stability and handling.  Light smooth and versatile: Subtle rack mounts, a removable seat stay mudguard mount and hidden fork mudguard mounts expand its usability without affecting its racy looks.

Kinesis CX1:

Another ultra-adaptable option for everything from powering through the mud at a cyclocross race, to winter training, or hitting the dirt trails. It’s fast handling and fast accelerating but thanks to the huge tyre clearance and refined fork you will not suffer from the harshness that often comes with a super-stiff alloy bike. Just as importantly, it also looks great too, and has bags of versatility thanks to mudguard and rack mounts.


For those looking for something stiffer, faster and lighter to rip around cyclocross races carbon is the way to go. Perhaps compromising a little on versatility and cost, they certainly make up for this in speed and agility.

We offer a range of carbon frames from pure race machines to more adaptable options. If you’re looking to step up your cyclocross game then look no further.

Cannondale Super X:

The all-new SuperX delivers the two things a today’s cross racer needs most, stability and traction, better than anything else on the market. The ultralight weight, stiffness and smooth ride are just icing on the cake. With its unique Ai and OutFront features, the all-conquering SuperX is built for one thing – to dominate today’s fast and technical ‘cross courses or full-throttle gravel adventures.

Orbea Terra:

Designed to be the ultimate all-road and all-round high performance bike, the Terra may just become the most ridden bike in your stable. It’s fast, engaging, light weight, tough, super versatile, and handles superbly.  Capable of race winning performances at international level, the Terra can also take larger volume tyres for fast gravel riding.

Following their success over the past six years we are once again offering exclusive Special Edition models across the Orbea range that feature superb upgrades at minimal cost – such as higher performance wheels – and we also offer standard specification bikes at everyday low prices.

Colnago Prestige:

This is simply one of the most stunning cyclocross bikes we’ve ever seen, and it has performance to match. This is another pure race machine: strong, light, fast and engineered for supreme strength and versatility on the cyclocross course. This frameset uses superior quality, high modulus carbon fibre as a base material, and weaves it into a monocoque format in order to provide you with the highest possible levels of stiffness. The geometry coupled with this rigidity allows you to transfer more power over your rear wheel, assuring you a more stable and balanced ride without compromising on speed.


Genesis Vapour:

The Genesis Vapour range includes three models, built around two framesets – one carbon, one alloy.  Race ready, light and durable. Designed for the rigours of UK cyclocross, the Vapour CX is ready for any kind of fast paced mixed surface riding. Its geometry is very much race focused – with sharp handling, an aggressive position, and with outstanding power transfer.  Designed to tackle anything that a CX race can throw at it, from early season hard-packed grass and dirt, right through the stickiest of mud, to technical rocky courses.

Focus Mares:

Years of feedback from professional riders have made the Mares what it is today: the cyclocross benchmark. It’s often very minor things that make all the difference between victory and defeat, and this bike caters for all of them. From an incredibly fast and agile frame to their patented chain guide and floating axle this bike is at the forefront of technology and development. This is an undeniably brilliant pure race machine.

At Epic Cycles we offer everything you need to build the perfect bike, and our expertise will help you optimise it for your needs: from a wide range of wheel options to a tyre to suit every occasion. From low cost clinchers, to high performance tubeless, and elite level tubs we have you covered.

All of our bikes are available in store now, or can be requested for special order. Contact us now for more information on any of our models.

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