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We are currently experiencing supply issues on a number of smaller individual components, parts and accessories, which means we may not be able to offer our full range of customisation or tailoring services at the moment and there may be some longer than normal lead times on certain items.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during these exceptional times.

Customising Your Bike

If you have a custom bike build in mind or would like a standard specification bike to be adapted to suit your requirements in some way, then this is something that we are only too happy to provide a quote for.  In fact, around half of our bikes are personalised in some way to suit the needs of the individual customer prior to shipping or collection – whether it’s the tailoring of factory fitted components, component upgrades for improved performance or comfort, or complete custom builds. So what do we mean by tailoring, upgrades and custom builds?


Tailoring covers the kind of tweaks, component swaps and alterations that are designed to fit the bike to your individual dimensions or gear ratio requirements – things like stem or crank lengths, or chainring and cassette sizes.

Tailoring doesn’t necessarily mean upgrades in the sense that we are fitting higher performance components, but they are upgrades in that they involve swapping to components that better meet your sizing or gearing needs.

This is of course on top of basic set-up considerations, such as handlebar and seatpost height, which are simple adjustments that normally require no component swaps at all.


The following covers many of the areas covered by our “tailoring” service – in most cases there will be a modest charge to make the component swap, depending on the item(s) involved, but it will still be far more cost effective than making the change at a later date.

Where we are making a swap to the above components we will aim to fit a like-for-like product (i.e. the same brand and model, in a different size or colour). Where we aren’t able to source a like-for-like product (e.g. where there is no direct replacement available because the item is either a bike manufacturer’s own-brand or a factory-fit only component) we will fit the closest option available, but only after checking with you first.

Please Note:  We are unable to make any changes to factory fitted items in most areas where there is heavy integration, such as integrated handlebars and stems.  We are also unable to make changes to some SRAM components, due to poor UK supply.

Handlebars and Stems

For standard (i.e. non-integrated or frameset-specific) handlebars and stems where we cannot source a direct equivalent in your required size, we will fit brands such as Deda , FSA, Reparto Corse etc. according to availability.  We will supply the new parts at a discounted cost, and include the original parts with your bike should you need to refit them at a later date.

Where the bars and stem are integrated or frameset-specific we are frequently unable to obtain alternative sizes from the manufacturer’s UK parts stock, but may be able to specify the correct dimensions be fitted at the factory if we are placing a fresh order for you with the manufacturer.


Where the chainset is from Shimano we are usually able to source the direct equivalent with different chainring sizes or crank length for a small fitting fee, unless your requirements are extremely unusual (e.g. extreme crank length) or you would prefer to upgrade to a higher level item at the same time.  With Campagnolo and SRAM we will supply the new parts at a discounted cost, and include the original parts with your bike should you need to refit them at a later date.

There will usually be an upgrade cost if swapping out chainsets from other brands (e.g. FSA, Rotor, Cannondale) and replacing with Shimano or SRAM etc, and you may also need a replacement bottom bracket to match. Again, we will supply the new parts at a discounted cost, and include the original parts with your bike should you need to refit them at a later date.


If a cassette swap is to a larger size we will have to fit and charge for a replacement chain (you are free of course to retain the original).  With Shimano cassettes we only charge a small fitting fee, while with other brands (such as SRAM and Campagnolo) we will supply the new cassette at a discounted cost, and include the original with your bike as a spare.

*Does not apply to bikes sold from our eBay store, ex-display/demo, clearance, or used bikes. 


On many occasions our customers like the look of a standard “factory specification” bike, but would like it to be upgraded in a few places, for example with a super-light set of wheels or maybe by swapping to power cranks or a top level set of race tyres.

If you are thinking about taking a standard “brochure-spec” bike and making a few upgrades the most economical time to do this is when purchasing your new bike, as we can normally offer a trade-in value for the parts being taken off – unless they have no resale value, for example where they are unique to the bike and therefore can’t be re-used or are highly unusual and therefore rarely sold as individual items (in which case you will of course also retain the original parts).

Once you have taken a bike away the costs of upgrading components always increase, as the trade-in value of any parts that you are replacing will often be nil, and there may well be additional workshop time involved in carrying out the swap at a later date.

Please note that many component changes need to be carried out in particular ways to meet warranty requirements of both the components and bike – our technicians are fully versed in the requirements of different manufacturers.  So as well as being the lowest cost time to make changes to your bike, you also get the added peace of mind that things will have been installed correctly and in accordance with manufacturer tolerances.

There comes a point of course where the number of components being swapped means that it is more economical and practical to custom build your bike from scratch, which brings us to custom specifications.

Custom specification

Purchasing a new bike can involve a significant investment, so why not consider a full custom build, where every part is specified by you to meet your preferences and needs?

Around 20% of our bikes are fully custom built from a bare frameset, and when compared to heavily modifying standard factory specification bikes the cost is often highly competitive, and on many occasions it will actually be lower – while at the same time giving you exactly what you want.

Custom specifications can either start with a bare frameset, which we can work with you to specify in full, or with a full factory specification bike that we strip down and rebuild for you, for example where the groupset that is fitted to the “donor bike” is not to your liking but the frameset is exactly what you are looking for.

How do I specify my requirements?

If you are able to make an appointment to visit us in person this will of course form a key part of our conversations with you while you are here, but it is definitely not essential to make a visit.

Many of our customers first make contact with us either by phone on 01584 705042, via email or using our contact page, and most product pages also have a further information form where you can send us details of what you need or would like advice on, including options and costs for tailoring a specific model or building a fully custom bike.

Half of all bikes leave us with some sort of personalisation, so please do not feel reluctant to ask anything at all – we enjoy answering queries about customising bikes!

Bikes Tuned for Riding (not shipping)

As a centre of excellence for all of our bike brands we pride ourselves on knowing our bikes inside out, especially on the technical front.

Our technicians are some of the best and most experienced in the UK, and are regularly contacted by the manufacturers themselves regarding tuning and technical aspects of bike set-up and optimisation.

When bikes arrive with us from the manufacturers, even ones that are entirely standard off-the-shelf models they are either partially built or pre-assembled using efficient but not necessarily optimal techniques. Factory builds need to cater for speed of assembly, and the requirements of secure packaging for long-haul space-saving transportation.  This is especially so in the areas of cabling, bearing adjustments and installation, and drive-train optimization.

In most cases the factory assembly (if complete) will of course work, but not as well as it could with proper set-up and tuning.

So every bike we sell is either completely or partially stripped down, then rebuilt to ensure the smoothest and most reliable operation possible – whether, amongst many other things, it is accurate gear shifting, precise braking, free running bearings with minimal play and noise, or weather proofed seals (not all bikes are built with British weather in mind!).