0% Finance

At the e-Bikestore from Epic Cycles we have a very simple set of 0% Finance options to help spread the cost of your new e-bike, without paying a penny more.

0% Finance is available from the e-Bikestore on all new e-bikes, parts and accessories over the value of £500.

The only exclusions are used or ex-demo items, and anything purchased in our eBay store.

The application process is based around a very straightforward on-line system from the market leaders, V12 Retail Finance,  with approval in around 5-10 minutes from start to finish.

Consumer credit service provided by V12 Retail Finance. V12 Retail Finance is licensed by The Office of Fair Trading (Consumer Credit Licence: 0594229). For more information please refer to our frequently asked questions or visit www.v12retailfinance.com

Frequently Asked Questions

To apply for finance you must:

– Be at least 18 years of age.

– Be a permanent UK resident with a 3 year UK address history.

– Not have any adverse credit history such as CCJ’s, IVA’s or bankruptcies.

– Be in regular employment (minimum of 16 hours per week) including self-employment, or in permanent residence with your spouse/partner who is in regular employment, or in receipt of a pension if you are retired, or in receipt of an invalidity or disability allowance.

– Have a bank account and debit or credit card registered at your UK address.

Please note that meeting the above criteria does not guarantee acceptance – all decisions will be made by V12 Retail Finance (not by Epic Cycles).

Finance is available on orders from £500 to £15,000.

Finance is available on all new e-bikes but not on second hand e-bikes or clearance e-bikes purchased via eBay.

Finance may be used in conjunction with Cycle to Work vouchers, in order to add a top-up element (if allowed by the Cycle to Work scheme operator being used – Cyclescheme and the Green Commute Initiative both allow use of Finance).

The minimum deposit is 10% – you can increase the deposit to any figure or percentage, which will of course reduce monthly repayments, as well as increasing the chances of loan approval.

0% finance options are currently offered on all new products (including bikes, e-bikes, wheels etc), regardless of discount levels.

Finance is not available on:  second hand items; ex-display or ex-demo items; used products (including traded-in e-bikes); or items purchased via eBay.

Finance may be used in conjunction with Cycle to Work vouchers, in order to add a top-up element (if allowed by the Cycle to Work scheme operator being used – Cyclescheme and the Green Commute Initiative both allow use of Finance).

We offer 0% finance over terms of 6, 10 or 12 months.

We are unable to offer 0% finance over longer than 12 months, due to the additional charges that are applied to businesses for agreements that run beyond a year.

All monthly repayments are paid by direct debit from your personal bank account.

The first payment will usually be due between two weeks and one month after the despatch or collection of your bike.  Subsequent monthly payments will be due every month for the length of your agreement.

Once you have received your goods, all responsibility regarding repayments lies with the customer and the finance company, and not Epic Cycles.

As with any Finance agreement, credit checks and identity checks will be carried out (by V12, not us!).

Credit checks or scoring works by awarding points for each answer given on the application form such as age, income and occupation, together with information obtained from credit reference agencies. This information allows V12 to produce consistent decisions, ensuring all applicants are treated fairly. Credit scoring does not discriminate on the grounds of sex, race, religion, disability or colour.

In order to carry out an identity check V12 will need to process details (but not a payment) of a credit or debit card registered at your home address.

Please Note:  we may need to request further proof of id prior to delivery or collection, as part of fraud prevention measures required by our banking and finance partners.

Finance orders can only be shipped to the address given in your finance application. Alternatively, you may of course arrange to collect your item from our store (see below).

Yes, of course!  And a free set-up session is included in every new bike purchase, so you may want to book that in for your collection time.

If you are collecting your item then you must bring the credit or debit card that was used for the identity check or deposit.  You will also need to bring along some form of photo id, such as passport or driving licence.

Applying for Finance

Applying for finance at e-Bikestore is very simple, and will probably take little more time than reading the guide below!  All of the steps can either be carried out at the same time or over a period of time while you finalise the details of your new bike.

While most Finance purchases are full bikes, they can also be of items such as framesets, power meters or wheelsets etc.  The only restrictions are that the total purchase must be over £500, and the items being purchased must be new.

Please have a debit or credit card handy for the application process – this is for an identity check, and will not be used to take a payment.

  • Step 1.  Choose your perfect bike – including any parts, upgrades, spares and accessories that you wish to purchase at the same time.
  • Step 2.  Apply for Finance – the entire application process usually takes just 5-10 minutes, with an instant decision from our Finance partners.

    We can process the application face-to-face with you if you are visiting our store, or send you a personalised link to the user-friendly V12 system if you are applying remotely, in which case we can step you through it over the phone if you would like our assistance.

    Either way the application system is entirely on-line, and can be carried out on our in-store laptops or on your own device, whether smart phone, tablet or laptop.

  • Optional step!  Fine tune your application – you may still have some fine tuning of specifications or options to do, but once you have a good idea of your chosen bike we can process an initial finance application so that you know that your finance application will be approved once you are ready to go ahead.

    If the final purchase price differs from your first application we can always process it again, or if you prefer we can simply adjust the deposit element or take an additional top-up payment prior to collection or shipping.

  • Step 3.  Place deposit and confirm finance agreement – once the details of your purchase are finalised to the extent that you know what level of finance you require we can take your deposit (minimum of 10%) and reserve your bike for you.

    You will need to electronically sign the finance agreement before we can start to build your bike – but all of this is instant and the entire process is very often carried out in one go once you have chosen your bike. There are no delays while waiting for decisions or pieces of paper to travel through the mail, as it is all on-line.

  • Step 4.  Receive your bike – once we have built and your bike has either been shipped or collected by you we will inform the Finance company, and they will begin the repayment programme.

    We are responsible for the bike side of things of course, but the payments side will be handled entirely by V12 and yourself, so if you have any queries on the finance agreement side you will need to contact their (really very efficient and helpful) Customer Services department.  The first payments usually start around 30 days after you receive your bike, but this can vary slightly.

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