Leisure e-Bikes

Many of our Leisure e-bikes also make excellent everyday commuting or urban bikes, but they also have some additional features that extend their range and use off paved roads and onto mixed surfaces, such as on towpaths, gravelled tracks, and bridleways.
Not all of them feature the additional equipment that dedicated urban bikes have, such as reflective tyres or integrated lighting systems – although some do.  But they all have either light suspension for rougher surfaces or a sophisticated lightweight frame design for rapid multi-terrain riding, plus tyres that are happier than pure urban tyres on dirt or grass.


The all-new Raleigh Motus has been designed with the latest technology from market-leader Bosch that for some riders could carry them to and from work for whole week before needing charging.
With four colours options in the range, the choice of hub or derailleur gearing systems plus a mixture of frame types, there’s a Motus for everyone.
See Motus Range
The Mustang is  perfect for the rider who enjoys a bit of everything but wants to maintain the speed and stamina across multiple terrains. Think less road bike and more ultimate drop-bar do everything bike.  Designed for the real world of getting to work or grabbing some fun at the weekend, the Mustang Comp Electric is a hybrid e-bike built for speed and agility.
See Mustang


The Orbea Keram is Orbea’s most versatile e-Bike, with a range of models that cover three slightly different types of riding.
Keram Comfort for leisure use on a mix of paved and light unpaved surfaces; Keram Asphalt for mostly urban or paved roads; plus an MTB version for all surfaces right through to proper off-road mountain biking.
See Keram Range
The Orbea Optima was designed from the bottom up as a dedicated e-Bike for ‘optimal’ handling in a wide range of riding conditions – including unpaved suraces with the “Comfort” models.
The riding position is perfect for riding in normal clothing, while maintaining great visibility and relaxed “easy-on easy-off” mounting and dismounting, with its step-through frame shape.
See Optima Range
The Orbea Gain is remarkable. An electric assisted bike that handles and looks just like a conventional bike – and the all-road models are outstanding for fast riding over mixed terrain.
Once past 15.5mph, or with the motor switched off, it reverts to traditional pedal mode, and rides beautifully. With the pedal assistance on it enhances your efforts and allows you to ride further, quicker and easier.
See Gain Range

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