Road e-Bikes

e-Road Bikes

What we mean by e-road bikes are those with lighter weight frames, wheels and components, and largely with drop handlebars for the most balanced and efficient position for riding more quickly on roads.
As a category e-road bikes are still in their infancy, with the lightweight technology needed to provide motors and batteries that will integrate with road frames being a very recent development.
Orbea are absolutely at the forefront of e-road, with the multi-award winning Gain being the market leader.  They have exclusive access to drive systems that are smaller, lighter and more efficient than anything else that is currently available.  With e-road the key is to provide pedalling assistance that is appropriate to the conditions that road riders will typically encounter.  With slightly smoother surfaces being the norm, and with riding speeds frequently being in excess of the assist limit of 15.5mph the assistance needs to be there for accelerations and steeper ascents, but doesn’t need to add excessive assistance when cruising.  The systems also need to add zero drag and be unobtrusive enough to avoid interfering with traditional pedalling when the motor isn’t active.
Raleigh do not currently have a pure e-road bike, but do offer the excellent Mustang, which is designed for mixed surfaces, including paved roads, and which excels when surfaces get rougher when you hit the back lanes.
The Orbea Gain is remarkable. An electric assisted bike that handles and looks just like a conventional road bike.
Once past 15.5mph, or with the motor switched off, it reverts to traditional pedal mode, and rides beautifully. With the pedal assistance on it enhances your efforts and allows you to ride further, longer, quicker and easier.
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The Mustang is the perfect companion for the cyclist who enjoys a bit of everything but wants to maintain the speed and stamina across multiple terrains. Think less road bike and more ultimate drop bar do everything bike!
Designed for the real world of getting to work or grabbing some fun at the weekend, the Mustang Comp Electric is a bike built for speed and agility.
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