Test Rides

Test Rides

We operate a comprehensive fleet covering most of the best sellers in our e-bike range, so test rides are available on many of our most popular models – but please call or email us to confirm availability of model/size as we can’t possibly carry every model/size combination!
Before you head out on a test ride we will take you through the motor controls of the particular models you are interested in, and also carry out a brief set-up session, where we adjust the saddle and handlebars to fit you as an individual.  A proper set-up makes a huge difference to your comfort and safety, as well as ensuring that the e-bike will handle perfectly.
We have planned out a couple of test routes that offer a combination of flatter, rolling and hilly terrain, to give you a good feel for how the e-bike will handle differing conditions.   The roads and lanes immediately around the store are pretty quiet and varied, as well as being quite scenic. Some of the surfaces are not the smoothest, so they should offer a realistic test ride in typical UK conditions.
As test rides require a dedicated member of our team to be available for an extended period of time in order to look after you properly, and in an unhurried setting, we operate an appointment system. Please contact us in advance to book a test ride, and to make sure that your chosen bike is not already in use, as we can be fully booked for the following few days or even weeks, especially during holiday periods and on Saturdays.
Many customers have a particular model in mind, while others will want to test-ride more than one bike before making a final decision.  From our experience of several thousand test rides we know that it gets surprisingly confusing if people test ride more than a two or three models.  So we generally advise people to try and narrow down their choice to just a couple of e-bikes – we are very happy to advise you on which e-bikes are most suited to your needs, and we usually find that one or two emerge quite quickly as favourites.
Finally, if you do plan to test ride a bike please bring an official government issued form of photo identification with you (drivers licence or passport), as this is a condition of our insurance cover, together with some suitable clothing.
If you are unable to visit the store for any reason we can happily advise you over the phone or via email on suitable e-bikes, and on how to set up and operate them.  We will need to ask you to collect some key measurements for us, which we can take you through over the phone or via email.

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