Enigma Bicycle Works are renowned for building high quality frames in titanium, that are designed to excel in UK conditions – covering all types of drop barred bikes, including their two best sellers the road+ Etape and the gravel/adventure Escape. We love the sheer quality and class of their framesets, and the awards and reviews that Enigma receive are proof we aren’t the only ones!

The Enigma story began 13 years ago. From humble beginnings in a converted shed, they now occupy an 8000 sq. ft workshop in Sussex, as well as having an Enigma owned and staffed workshop in Taiwan. Founded on the principles of an unwavering devotion to the art of British craftsmanship, Enigma engineer top-performing handcrafted bicycle frames.

All of Enigma’s framesets are designed for real world British conditions – but what do we mean by British conditions? We’re talking about the full range of landscapes, geology (i.e. under wheel surfaces), weather and vegetation.  The truth is that not every region of the world is the same, and it’s crucial when talking about a premium product like Enigma’s titanium frames that they are suited to the conditions they might typically be used in.

Working with titanium is tricky.  In order to perform at its best and offer a lifetime of reliability, it requires the use of the best/purest materials (contamination is the enemy of titanium welds), high environmental standards, and a skilled workforce.  It’s reassuring to know that Enigma bikes aren’t produced in a low wage, low standards part of the planet – with a substantial and growing proportion of their frame building activities taking place in UK, and all of it within Enigma’s own workshops, you can be sure that you are riding a premium product!


The Etape is Enigma’s best-selling model and for good reason – it does everything! The Etape suits almost all road riding styles and is intended for riders that are focused on endurance, long distance comfort and efficiency, together with all-season versatility. It can cover a huge range of conditions such as club runs, audax, endurance racing, touring, light gravel, winter training, commuting, and more.

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The Enigma Escape is a highly adaptable and hugely capable all-terrain titanium gravel bike. It’s equally at home munching mile after mile of tarmac on an ultra endurance road event, or some back of beyond forestry bridleway for those seeking for a bit more solitude. It’s beautifully constructed, supremely versatile with handling that inspires confidence and encourages you to push the boundaries of your riding.

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