More versatile than a road bike, more stable and adaptable than a cross bike, and faster over less aggressive off road terrain than a mountain bike. Gravel bikes present a great option for the people who want to cycle both on and off road…often in the same ride. Mellow single tracks, farm roads, gravel, crushed stone, muddy back lanes, tarmac — wherever.

The gravel bike is a machine that’s capable of performing brilliantly on various surfaces while delivering comfort and speed. Their adaptability, versatility, and ruggedness make them a perfect commuting bike, an ideal light touring or bike-packing bike, a great winter trainer, or simply the one bike that can tackle any sort of terrain you care to try on it. They typically offer a slightly more relaxed geometry than a road bike, come equipped with disc brakes to increase braking power and enable the fitting of much bigger tyres, often have the potential to carry luggage, and are stronger and tougher to take the inevitable knocks that come with off-roading.


Topstone Alloy:

BORN TO ROLL AND ROAM – “Topstone is pure gravel goodness. With its high-volume tires, confident rider position and sporty handling, it is ready to smash out big miles on the backroads, explore routes less travelled, or smooth out the chop on your morning commute.”

Launched in 2019 to rave reviews and runaway success, the Topstone Alloy has changed the gravel bike game for good. This is a bike equipped for adventure riding of all types, with a stylish, minimalist design, and coming in at an extremely competitive price point.

With good luggage capacity, impressive performance both off and on road, this is a light and balanced bike. There is plenty of tyre clearance with the Topstone, comfortably allowing for tyres up to 42mm wide, or a little smaller if fitting mudguards using the discrete mounts and removable rear mudguard bridge. Adventure riding of all types is catered for with three water bottle mounts, top-tube mounts for a nutrition or storage bag behind the stem, and rack mounts for panniers if bike-packing bags aren’t suitable for your adventures.

Topstone Carbon:

AN EVOLUTION OF THE SPECIES – “Topstone Carbon distills Cannondale’s experience making fast race bikes, comfortable endurance bikes and ultra-light dual suspension mountain bikes into the most off-road capable, and on-road comfortable, road bike ever made. Designed for maximum fun in places most gravel bikes would fear to tread, or maximum comfort in more sedate terrain.”

A refined geometry and rider position deliver an experience that’s stable, composed and comfortable without losing that spark, enabling you to go further, ride longer, and move faster across a huge variety of under-tyre conditions.

The trademark KingPin Suspension system offers revolutionary, super-light suspension that lets you ride harder on dirt and more smoothly on pavement – with better control, better traction and better comfort. With nothing sacrificed.


Terra Carbon:

YOU WON’T KNOW UNTIL YOU GO – “If route-finding, taking the long way home and straying from the beaten path are your ideas of fun, there is no better tool than Terra for unlocking your desire to explore.”

The Orbea Terra is a bike that blurs categories, because it’s just so very good in a huge range of riding conditions: gravel racing, endurance road riding, cyclocross, adventure racing or commuting – it handles them all…brilliantly and quickly.  The Terra is not primarily aimed at the luggage hauling market – sure, it is more than capable of bike-packing as our own staff have shown, but its primary function is to ride quickly over hugely varied terrain.

Performance may be the most important part of the equation when choosing a new bike, but we know that looks matter. With even more customisation options for 2020, the perfect paintjob is waiting with the Orbea Terra. Make it your own with MyO custom colours, and all for no extra cost.

Terra Alloy:

For those looking for something a little stronger, more resilient, and with the capacity for heavier loads then the alloy version caters for this brilliantly whilst not compromising too much on performance.

New for 2020, the Terra is now also available in a premium hydro-formed aluminium framed version that shares many of the same all-road features as its full carbon stablemate.



The Áspero is Cervélo’s first foray into the emerging world of gravel riding and the design brief was simple – to create the fastest possible bike for gravel racing, in all its forms, from endurance to gravel enduros.  And they have undoubtedly succeeded – the Áspero is lightening quick but super controlled when the power goes down and the trails get technical. Cervélo have produced a stripped down racing frame that greatly outperforms traditional over-built frames that are more aimed at luggage hauling and heavy impact resistance.

ROAD RACING INSPIRED. GRAVEL RACING REFINED. – “It’s time to change the paradigm of gravel bike design from hauling gear slowly to empowering athletes quickly. Leveraging vast knowledge from road racing, the Áspero frame is designed with world tour stiffness for greater pedal power transfer, using less and lighter material to aid climbing and accelerating, while maximizing speeds with aerodynamic shapes critical to efficiency at speed.”

Welcome to the era of speed in gravel.


Hook EXT:

The Hook EXT is Bombtrack’s best selling bike for good reason. Quite apart from its beautiful and hard wearing anodized paint finish, the Hook EXT ticks every box that a hard-riding gravel rider could wish for. A premium quality steel frame, paired with a beautifully designed carbon fork delivers the optimum blend of stiffness, strength, reliability and low weight. Featuring a full set of luggage bosses and huge tyre clearance the Hook EXT is ready to charge through the most extreme of gravel adventures.

The 2020 Hook EXT has been updated with smaller wheels and wider tyres (allowing for tyres up to 52mm with 650b rims), but is still just as rewarding when set up with bigger wheels when you want to ride fast over less extreme terrain. The bottom bracket has also been widened to a more durable T47 bottom bracket and cable routing has been revise to keep the bike looking clean with any combination of derailleurs, dynamo wiring and dropper posts.

Hook EXT-C:

The Bombtrack HOOK EXT-C is outrageously responsive while at the same time being equipped for anything you or the trail can throw at it. When you want to go wild places fast, there simply isn’t a better bike for the job.

An ultralight carbon frame strips mass from its best-selling stablemate, the Hook EXT, while retaining the versatility the range is known for, with capacity for huge tyres and a perfectly balanced geometry. Triple mounts on the forks, mounts on the top tube, bosses everywhere and three separate bottle cage fixings allow you to carry as much as you need with you.


The Bombtrack Beyond is a bike you can live aboard for weeks at a time. Made to cross countries and continents via all kinds of roads and trackways, the Beyond is Bombtrack’s most affordable adventure-touring bike. Using a double butted steel frame, its high front makes for hugely comfortable endurance riding with high levels of stability when loaded up.

The Beyond is built to take on the most challenging conditions and biggest loads you can throw at it.  It features a double butted crmo frame with tapered head tube, rack and fender mounts, top tube bag direct mounts, triple cage mounts on down tube for optimized bottle position, cage mounts underneath the down tube and BSA bottom bracket. While the fork has internal dynamo light cable routing and fender, rack and triple cage mounts.

Kinesis UK

Tripster AT:

Literally standing for ‘All Terrain’ this bike boasts cutting edge adventure capabilities. An excellent, award-winning and affordable do-it-all adventure, road and commuting bike with bags of versatility.

The Triptser line was developed originally as a trans-continental all-road racing bike – swift across all surfaces, with a beautifully balanced and comfortable all-day ride, while being tough enough to withstand the worst that adventure racing can throw at it.  Add in a host of features for carrying luggage, additional bottles and mudguards, plus frame tweaks that support multiple wheel and tyre sizes, as well as groupset options, and you have a true bike for all conditions and all riders.  As long as what you are looking for is a fun ride or a challenging adventure!

Tripster ATR V3 Disc:

DESTINED FOR WORLD ADVENTURE – “The ATR legacy is built upon foundations of exploration, new experiences, and expanding horizons. The new ATR vol.3 titanium bike frame is more beautiful and more capable than ever, thanks to several refinements over the much-loved and highly respected v2, and the addition of our new carbon Range fork with additional load carrying ability.”

The corrosion proof, and deeply beautiful, bare Ti frame tubes shrug off both the elements and any amount of under-tyre challenges to offer the rider an engaging, super-stable, and just plain enjoyable ride feel.  We have tested the Tripster ATR in a huge range of conditions, over everything from short/fast country blasts to week long tours in the Pyrenees – and have loved every minute.


ANY ROUTE. ANY RIDE. OUR GO TO GRAVEL BIKE FOR ALL SEASONS – “Following the huge success of the Tripster AT and ATR we wanted to offer a gravel adventure bike that was even more versatile but no less capable than the Tripster AT or ATR for all seasons. The Kinesis G2 adventure bike is nimble off the line, fast handling and plenty tough enough for rough and tumble of UK gravel riding. The perfect four seasons bike for the rider that wants an adventure gravel bike, all year round for British summer and winter weather.”

Standing for ‘Go To’, this bike has proved to be a standout addition to the Kinesis range. Offering equal off and on road performance with a simple change of tyre the G2 is more capable than a road bike, more comfortable than a ‘cross bike, and more versatile than an out and out gravel bike.



Originally designed as an extreme drop-barred adventure/off-road touring bike, the Genesis Vagabond is a ‘monstercross’ bike in the loosest sense of the term; the illegitimate lovechild of a road and mountain bike, a ‘frankenbike’ that has long been the staple of shed tinkerers, the result of many an experimental ‘I wonder if…’ spare parts box builds.

The late, great Steve Worland summed them up nicely as “…the perfect cross-dresser for those long, steady rides that encompass a bit of everything.”

This bike is the true definition of ‘extreme gravel’ and is as mountain bike orientated as a drop barred bike can be.

Although it performs OK on the road, it’s much happier off it. Virtually indestructible, this is the perfect rough country adventure bike, with massive luggage capability, steel tubing to make it super tough, a huge gear range, and all the reliability you could desire.

Croix de Fer:

“Our original go anywhere bike. Imagined in 2009 with adventures in mind ever since, the Croix de Fer is that annoying but endearing friend who can naturally turn their hand to anything and yet remains modest throughout. Equally happy commuting in the city one year, before turning into a supertourer the next, the Croix de Fer has always been in it for the long haul and is ready for whatever, whenever you are.”

The Genesis Croix de Fer is nothing short of legendary in the world of multi-terrain bikes.  Never has one bike been more worthy of the ‘one bike, many hats’ crown.

This truly is the original multi surface adventure bike, and was created to take on all of your unsurfaced and surfaced long range adventure. Another strong steel bike which provides all the comfort needed for a true mix of on and off road exploration, with plenty of capacity for luggage and mudguards.


Impulso All-Road:

“Bianchi Impulso all-road best suits the needs of riders looking to enjoy their time in the saddle and tackle the greatest variety of rides. Every surface becomes rideable: from commuting to centuries, long distance touring to backroad bikepacking, and every potential adventure in-between.”

At the heart of the Impulso is a sophisticated triple hydroformed frame.  The top tube and head tube are welded together after initial hydroforming then inserted into another hydroforming mold and reshaped through the same process.  Providing a smooth monocoque appearance, while increasing the strength and steering response of the frame.

Load it up with bikepacking bags or rack and panniers and you have the perfect bike for adventure riding over mixed terrain or road touring over any kind of road surface.  Fit mudguard and it makes an ideal winter trainer or commuting bike.  Or just go out and ride wherever you fancy!  Tarmac, dirt, single track…why not.

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