The Cannondale SuperSix Evo has long been a favourite of ours here at Epic Cycles, and the outstanding performance it offers has gone from strength to strength with each revision of this stunning bike. One thing that hasn’t changed is the incredible value for money the SuperSix has achieved – the performance to cost ratio continues to prove hard to beat.

A spectacular balance of ultra-light weight, incredible stiffness, surprising comfort and exquisite handling has made SuperSix EVO a perennial favorite of magazine editors and pro cyclists the world over.

ULTRA STIFF FOR EXCELLENT ACCELERATION – Brilliant power transfer when riding thanks to an asymmetric BB30a bottom bracket junction, flared Delta seat tube and finely tuned BallisTec Carbon layup.

ICY SMOOTH, FOR GREATER SPEED, COMFORT AND HANDLING ON CORNERS – The refined SAVE Micro-Suspension system facilitates quick descents, speedy sprints and added comfort by absorbing shock and keeping wheels firmly on the ground through the most demanding of road races.

AP AERODYNAMICS INCREASES ALL-ROUND EFFICIENCY – Reduce aero drag with subtle TAP (Truncated Aero Profile) tube shapes and low water bottle placement, ensuring additional speed at no cost to the rider.

INCREDIBLE HANDLING – An absolute rocket on descents thanks to sharp handling geometry and a frame that’s stiff, yet compliant in all the right places. The additional control provided by the disc brakes adds more control to your speed.

ULTRA LIGHT – Cannondale BallisTec Carbon Construction and System Integrated design contribute to the lightweight of the SuperSix EVO, while still ensuring durability deserving of our Lifetime Warranty.

Bike Radar:

The SuperSix is fast, flighty, firm and phenomenal. The sheer speed it exudes is addictive, the way in which it responds to the smallest of inputs makes the handling telepathic, and threading the Evo through the tightest of turns is a joy.

Elsewhere, the spec has been thoroughly thought through. You get Cannondale’s all-new Hollowgram carbon clinchers for a bit of dazzle.

The new Hollowgram carbon wheels impress too, with smooth spinning hubs and a quick freehub pickup, and are fuss- and flex-free under load. The brake performance is decent; I rode the Evo in dry as well as very wet conditions, and in blustery high winds and the wheels gave me no drama at all.

The firm solidity of the chassis also makes it a masterful climber, the response to your efforts makes you feel like a superhero ascender.

The firmness translates into swift descending. With no discernible flex it’s a bike that you can lean into and pin a corner, snapping through the apex and getting on the power swiftly.

Buy if, You want the pinnacle of rim braked race bikes for the money.

Cyclist Magazine:

What makes the SuperSix Evo so impressive is its ability to be a jack of all trades.

Despite a classic geometry and the use of in-house componentry, a large SuperSix Evo Hi-Mod fitted with SRAM Red eTap still managed to weigh in at an impressive 6.7kg.

What makes the weight of this bike even more impressive is the simple fact it is not a specific climbing bike. The standard geometry is also aerodynamic and allows for fast and comfortable riding on the flats.

With a set of Cannondale’s own HollowGram carbon wheels, this bike can gather speed relatively effort-free while also staying stiff at the bottom bracket and headset.


I’m not going to beat around the bush here, the SuperSix EVO frame is stiff and responsive – and above all, fast – but wonderfully compliant, too.

It responds extremely quickly to shifts in weight, while out of the saddle you can throw it around as much as you like and you barely feel it swinging side-to-side at all, which is a hallmark of great climbing bike.

Descending, the SuperSix Evo is just about as predictable it gets. Lean on the bike, and it turns in a gracious arc. There’s no sudden darting through the front end, no nervousness, just easy-to-read responses and feedback. It gives you the strange – albeit welcome – feeling that the front and back ends are genuinely working together to inform you about the road beneath you.

Conclusion – The Cannondale SuperSix Evo is one of the best all-rounders out there – quick on the flat, with buckets of predictability going downhill, prodigious talent on ascents and a slathering of compliance thrown in.

Tour of Flanders Special Editions

To celebrate Alberto Bettiol taking a spectacular maiden victory in the Tour of Flanders, we’re offering a limited edition upgrade on Cannondale SuperSix Evo rim brake models. This special deal adds huge performance enhancement to the Flanders conquering bike – aero, light, responsive Hollowgram wheels at unbeatable value.

“Bridging the gap between efficiency and performance, the Cannondale Hollowgram Si Carbon Clincher Wheelset weighs an impressive 1480 grams (without quick release skewers), offering next level stiffness, efficiency and braking predictability. Cannondale’s own Hollowgram hubs ensure smooth rolling and fast engagement.

At 35mm deep, the rims of the Hollowgram Si Wheelset sit beautifully between aerodynamic and responsive, providing the handling of shallow depth rims but still offering improved aerodynamic efficiency out on the road.”

Cutting the usual upgrade price for these wheels in half, this offer is only available while stocks last, and they’re moving fast.

For details of our Flanders special editions please enquire using the form below!

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