We’re excited to have added another high performance e-road bike to our range here at Epic Cycles, and the new Focus Paralane² is the most adaptable and versatile we’ve ever seen – just take a look at the reviews below and you’ll see we are not exactly alone in our views!

The Paralane² is revolutionary, offering support when you need it. In a road bike that is under 13 kilograms. Fly up climbs, take it easy into headwinds, or spin lightly on the way home. With 400 watts of support, you’ll always have juice left for the final stretch.


“Our initial spin was on the flat, so no point in adding any extra effort, and I’m happy to report it felt, well just like a bike. The extra weight low down wasn’t an issue when rolling along, but then we turned and the singletrack road steepened quickly and severely, with my Garmin quickly indicating double-digit gradient.

I engaged the assistance to green (the bar mounted switch offers four levels: white — off, green — low, blue — medium, red/pink – full) and the motor slowly fed in a small ‘push’. It feels strangely natural, like getting a second wind, helping you maintain your cadence and keep climbing.

The power gradually feeds in and it feels like it’s working with you. Up until now e-bike systems I’ve tried seem to take over, like they are powering the bike, but you’re adding assistance with the Paralane² and this very clever Fazua motor always makes you feel like you’re in charge.

An e-bike that helps you go higher or further without spoiling the ride experience.” – Bike Radar

“In the practical test the advantages of a central motor become evident and result in a neutral and good-natured handling. Since most of the weight sits right in the centre of the bike the Paralane2 always feels predictable and precise…The compact riding position gives you enough room to shift your body weight according to the situation. The riding position reminded us of modern endurance bikes — after all the Paralane2 is based on the Focus Paralane. Downhill the bike inspires tons of confidence and sits nicely and safely on the tarmac.

Depending on the selected support level on climbs the FAZUA motor will either give you sweat patches or Superman virtues. The highest support level will make you literally fly up the hill and put an accomplished grin on your face.

When riding on flats on the other hand the situation becomes clearer: as expected here you can easily cruise up to a speed of 25 km/h. The comfortable upright riding position and confidence-inspiring handling allow you to relax and enjoy the landscape: pure pleasure!

With the Paralane2 German brand Focus presents an aesthetically pleasing and well-integrated overall package for the eRoad sector. With its balanced and confidence-inspiring handling the bike is still easy to ride in the slipstream of your competitors even without using the motor above the 25 km/h threshold…With the Paralane2 both ambitious commuters and pleasure riders will find an exciting alternative which could also replace an expensive second family car.” – GranFondo Cycling

“Ride quality is as you’d expect from Focus’s endurance Paralane, with excellent comfort levels both at the rear and the bars. The wide tyres and in-built compliance areas mean that you won’t give up due to discomfort before the battery does.

There are three assistance levels on the Focus Paralane2. Stick to the green level in which it starts up and you can feel the extra push from standing and on uphills. But it’s never obtrusive and cuts in and out gently as your speed increases and decreases.

With the Paralane2 9.8, you are getting an excellent spec and Focus has thought carefully about what’s required to convert its endurance Paralane into an e-bike.

If you’re after an e-bike that looks and handles not too unlike a normal road bike, there are still only a few options out there and the Focus Paralane2 is amongst the best available.” – Cycling Weekly

“Focus has unveiled its new e-road bike, the Paralane², to great fanfare. It’s a lightweight, full-carbon road/adventure bike that uses the Fazua Evation motor system. Focus has produced this rather nice video to back up the launch, showing the bike being put through its paces in a number of different guises: a full-on road bike, a gravel grinder and a bikepacking adventure machine…

The assistance is more gentle than a full-fat mid motor, but there’s still enough there to be genuinely useful, and because the system is light and doesn’t drag when you’re not under power, it’s easy to keep a Fazua-powered bike rolling well above the assistance limit. Because of that the 250Wh battery tends to last for a long time: we’ve done plenty of 60-80km rides around Bath without running out of juice, and it’s not flat around here.” – ebiketips


System integration and lightweight design are key features of F.I.T. carbon. High-strength fibres are laid up in such a way that they offer stability, stiffness and minimum weight, all neatly packaged in a unique frame design. This has enabled Focus to incorporate the battery and motor in an ultra-lightweight carbon road frame, with rapid and easy removal for charging off the bike.

Find out more about the Focus Paralane Squared – https://epic-cycles.co.uk/focus-paralane-squared


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