Lighter, stiffer and smoother riding than many carbon frames, CAAD12 is simply the most sophisticated, highest performing aluminum race bike ever made.

THE ALUMINIUM EXPERTS: No one does aluminum like Cannondale. Nothing is lighter, stiffer and smoother than CAAD12’s SmartForm C1 Premium Alloy Construction

LIGHT MAKES RIGHT: At under 1100 grams (for both rim brake and disc versions) CAAD12 wipes the tarmac with a lot of premium carbon frames.

SUPER SMOOTH: CAAD12’s SAVE Micro-Suspension delivers a ride quality that even competing carbon bikes can’t match.

EXPLOSIVELY STIFF: With its oversized BB30a bottom bracket junction, asymmetric chainstays and flared Delta seattube, CAAD12 is a sprinter’s dream.

POINT AND SHOOT HANDLING:  With its stiff and smooth-riding frame and Elite Race geometry, CAAD12 handles like an F1 car. Designed for aspiring racers, fast club riders and just about anyone else looking for a high-performance alternative to carbon!

Bike Radar Review:

At this price point, carbon-fibre frames are essentially a detuned version of each brand’s range-topper, so you get hints of the performance and character, but know there could be so much more. The CAAD12 on the other hand is the most refined, highly tuned aluminium frame ever, from a company that’s made its name with cutting-edge aluminium-tubed wizardry.

The immediacy of forward motion aboard the CAAD12 feels as if your pedals are attached directly to the driven wheel, and it’s something you won’t tire of.

That initial acceleration feel seems ever-present. Want to step on it up a climb, accelerate out of a corner or outsprint your mates for the town sign? No problem. There’s always speed potential on tap, and it’s incredibly accessible.

But aluminium’s a bit harsh right? The CAAD12’s taut frame delivers braille-like road feel that keeps you totally connected to the surface, but it glides over general roughness, and bigger hits are effectively dulled, with no jarring hits reaching your contact points.

Cyclist Magazine Review:

The CAAD range has long been regarded as the peak of aluminium frame building, and the CAAD12 proves why.

While most manufacturers have moved their mid and high-end bikes to carbon, Cannondale is one of the few firms that has continued to develop and improve alloy frames with the CAAD (Cannondale Advanced Aluminium Design) range of bikes.

The latest model, the CAAD12, offers a frame shape that’s hard to believe is made from aluminium, with neat and subtle hydroforming at the joins, improving strength and stiffness and keeping the weight to a minimum…

…What really shines through with the CAAD12 is the geometry and ride appeal with fantastic handling at all times and especially on smooth, fast downhills where the ability to tackle technical sections with lots of sharp bends really shines through.

Gran Fondo Magazine Review:

“This thing kicks better than Cristiano Ronaldo.”

As usual we’re going to spare you the whole stiffness-data palaver and jump straight onto this deep-purple aluminium-rocket to see what the CAAD12 is actually capable of; We can already see ourselves nodding our heads to the sound of “…I’m a speed king you got to hear me sing…I’m a speed king see me fly”.

After riding just a few metres we were immediately struck by the lightness and explosive acceleration of the CAAD12. The classic geometry with a horizontal top tube and a short head tube mostly takes inspiration from Cannondale’s flagship the SuperSix Evo. You will recognise the racing genes of the CAAD12 in its lively and agile handling. The completely redesigned bottom bracket area allows for more stiffness and improves start-up efficiency.

The new carbon fork — which is meant to be significantly stiffer than the previous version — totally impressed us with its super precise handling. It follows each steering input with clinical precision and serpentine descents become proper fun to ride.

The Cannondale CAAD12 Disc is a worthy successor to an absolute legend and impresses with its agility, lively handling and extremely efficient acceleration. With a full Dura-Ace spec and a total weight of 7,5 kg this aluminium racer is anything but heavy-metal — we call it rock’n’roll. With its superb braking performance and secure handling the CAAD12 inspires tons of confidence without missing the liveliness of an authentic racer.

Cycling Weekly Review:

As a pioneer of aluminium you’d expect Cannondale to produce a class-leading frameset – and that is exactly what it has done with the Cannondale CAAD12

The Cannondale CAAD12 is the showpiece of what the American brand can do with aluminium. The bike draws on all of Cannondale’s 30 years of understanding and expertise, and applies the super brainpower of modern computing.

For the price I’d go as far to say there is nothing better out on the market in terms of pure performance…The amount of stiffness you get is unrivalled at this price point and if you are after a racing machine on a budget, get this. Even if you are toying with the idea of going carbon, get this. The amount of money you save is huge and you’ll be able to spend that on better components like Shimano Di2 – and this Cannondale CAAD12 is ready for that jump if need be.

Verdict: The Cannondale CAAD12 is an awesome bike. The Ultegra build comes in at a great price too. As aluminium is a cheaper material to work with than carbon, the overall cost saving is passed onto you meaning you’ll get a high-performing frameset without the big wallet hit, although you’ll feel the rumble of the road a lot more. All-in-all, great work Cannondale!

Following their success over the past six years we are once again offering exclusive Special Edition models across the Cannondale CAAD12 range that feature superb upgrades at minimal cost, such as higher performance wheels. We also have extensive stock of the standard specification bikes at everyday low prices. Please enquire below for more details on specific models and current prices.

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