The Cervélo R-Series range of light weight road bikes are engineered for one thing – pure exhilarating speed.  If ever there was an instant staff favourite here at Epic Cycles, the R-Series is it.

CONFIDENCE IS EVERYTHING – Trusting your bike’s handling is all important when you’re charging down mountain passes or riding in a group. The R-Series bikes are designed to be both stable and responsive, with careful attention to frame stiffness and bike geometry.

FURTHER, FASTER – Cervélo’s engineers specialize in using different tube shapes and construction techniques to dial in the relative stiffness and compliance of a bike frame. For the R-Series bikes, that means a performance bike that you can ride hard all day.

ALL-OUT SPEED – The R-Series bikes are race machines first and foremost. They feature Cervélo’s stiffest-ever road frames, and the geometry is tuned for high-performance riders wanting an aerodynamic and aggressive position. Bottom line: these bikes are built to go fast.

Gran Fondo Cycling:

‘The road hasn’t changed, the game has.’

Saddle up, clip in and smile: the new R5 didn’t disappoint with super balanced, precise and predictable handling. Responsive on the climbs and confidence-inspiring on the descents, we didn’t once feel uncertain or out of our depths on the R5 despite the less-than-idyllic road surfaces in the mountains near to Bergamo. In terms of the physical comfort, ‘soft and flexible’ were nowhere to be seen – and that’s a good thing with this bike.

The R5 is a thoroughbred race bike suited to grand tours: fast, efficient and confidence-inspiring. While this approach to geometry and comfort is the norm for many brands, it’s certainly an evolution for Cervélo and has produced a superb bike. Fast and reliable, the R5 strikes us as a pro choice and for those harboring competitive aspirations.

Bicycling Magazine:

The new R5 rides like a good race bike because it’s light, unyielding at the bottom bracket, and smooth. The steering is reactive and the wheelbase is short. When a bike has all these characteristics, it feels fast.

It’s at its best on climbs, where its quick front end, smoothness, and stiffness—particularly at the bottom bracket and rearward—provide the sense that everything’s being turned into forward motion. And when you’re already at 90 percent and need to lift the pace a little more, the R5 remains beautifully responsive even as you pedal your ugliest.

This R5 is in the former category: a damn good bike, as much race bike as anyone could ever need.

Bike Radar:

“Modern racer combines laser-guided handling, solid power transfer and smoothness. Buy it.  Stunning all-rounder that’s more cost effective than its rivals.”

Lightweight for big climbing days, compliant enough to cope with the cobbled classics, the R5 has always been the aero-optimised S5’s — as ridden by Mark Cavendish and Steve Cummings — simpler, more understated cousin.

The R5 Disc combines a taut feel with positive power transfer, and rock-solid rigidity when pushing hard on the flat, sprinting or heading uphill.

Sit on the saddle, get up on the hoods and push over poorly surfaced roads and the R5 is impressively smooth, the D-shaped carbon post, with its long, laidback head, offers heaps of compliance.

Cycling Weekly:

“Gorgeously good looking and lightening fast, the Cervélo R5 is a premium performer that’ll have you grinning from ear to ear.” 

Cervélo’s engineers wanted to great a bike that would make riders really feel the ride and explore how a bike can make a rider feel fast and responsive without being uncomfortable. This they aptly named “the psychology of the ride”, and the frame’s carbon layup allows just enough road resonance through to make the ride feel fast and lively, without being jarring.

Disc brakes and a fast handling bike like the Cervélo R5 offer an absolutely unbeatable package that’s just enormous fun to ride.

In fact, the handling quality of the bike is the one of the best we’ve ever ridden. The longer wheelbase and the bike’s angles makes it feel very stable and the lower bottom bracket makes flipping the bike into corners enjoyably easy.

We’re not sure there has ever been a ride we’ve finished a ride on the Cervélo R5 where we haven’t been grinning, It captures the essence of cycling so well; it’s lightweight for the climbs, stiff for the flats and superb fun on the descents.

So, it’s two years on the trot for the R5, as we’ve once again included it in our Editor’s Choice list.

Cyclist Magazine:

Cervelo’s flagship steed gets a serious makeover, and the result is a fast and versatile World-class racer.

From the first pedal stroke the Cervélo R5 had the responsiveness of a WorldTour frame. I immediately found it offered feedback from the road, coupled with an extremely efficient transfer from power to speed.

From the second I slung my leg over the frame, the position seemed to just work, while the geometry complemented that low-slung position with a sharp but stable handling quality.

The bike comes together as a thoroughly fast package. It’s never quicker than when descending, where the tuning of the frame around stability and handling has paid off in bounds.

It feels thoroughly well seated but every bit nimble enough to take corners at speed.

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