The Kinesis G2 is definitely up there as one of our favourite, and often underrated, bikes in store. As soon as we got a chance to test one out, we knew it had the ride quality to match its style. We’ve always been very careful to only stock bikes that we believe are the best in their respective categories. Some of these receive the recognition and acclaim that they deserve, whilst bikes such as the G2 fly under the radar.

The Kinesis G2 is nimble, fast handling and plenty tough enough for the rough and tumble of UK gravel riding, but it’s also a great bike for fast riding over paved roads – especially when the surface gets rough, wet, or pot-holed. The G2 is a classic do-it-all bike – more capable than a road bike; more comfortable than a ‘cross bike; more versatile for everyday use than an out-and-out adventure bike.

But don’t just take our word for it. The reviews are in, and we’re not the only fans of the G2.

Red Lantern:

Aluminium isn’t what it used to be 20 years ago. Alloy bikes used be to lightweight and stiff, but not very compliant, resulting in a harsh ride quality that was very unforgiving. It`s no wonder that carbon took off so fast when it hit the mainstream. However, fast forward 20 years and modern alloy frames are now very, very good. In fact a good one will outperform a cheap carbon no problem at all.

I have ridden the G2 on 5-6 hour rides without feeling the slightest bit beaten up at the end. Its a very comfy bike and despite being maybe at the road end of the geometry charts, handles the rough stuff surprisingly well. I have a trip over “The Gap” to testify to that.

Credit: Red Lantern

Where I think the bike comes into its own is on mixed rides. Its fast and sure footed on the road, without being dull like some slacker angled gravel bikes. Then when you divert off-road its just as fast on anything hard packed like forest fire roads. If the going gets a little tougher it’ll handle it. Think of it as an explorers bike. If you live somewhere where you have to ride for an hour to get to some gravel then this bike would be perfect.


The G2 really is a go-to bike. If you could only own one bike, then you could do a lot worse than picking the G2.

It really shines on rides with a mix of surfaces (think 50/50 on and off road). Its light, comfortable and quick. The frame is worthy of upgrading, and I will be looking at fitting some GRX ready for its second season on the gravel.

Kinesis say the G2 can tackle everything from Sunday club rides to a cyclocross race. It is definitely more capable than a disc braked road bike, more comfortable than a full on cross racer. Both on and off road, the handling feels assured and inspires confidence. If you don’t push it, it’ll happily tick over the miles as well as any endurance road bike. Give the G2 some hustle and it will ride with real gusto. The harder you push it, the more fun it feels. Zipping around some forest singletrack, the handling was scalpel sharp…

…Road duties are an absolute breeze on the G2. It is no road racer, but as a steady winter mile muncher or audax ride, the bike feels right at home. The G2 can knuckle down and travel at speed when pushed but still manages to absorb the ruts and imperfections of rough country roads.


What really surprised me was the flared-drop handlebar. It’s a humble OEM spec item and I was a little suspect on first acquaintance. After one ride I had to eat my words as I was taken aback by the comfort and feel. Thanks to a shallow drop, it doesn’t feel cumbersome when plugging out the road miles either.


If your favourite riding is a mashup of country lanes, mixed with bridleway and singletrack shortcuts to avoid busy road sections, the G2 is a blast. With assured handling and pannier lugging versatility, it could also double up as weekly commuter and a weekend plaything.

Good value,  stylish looks, composed handling and a nod towards practicality. The Kinesis G2 could actually threaten its Tripster brethren as the true ‘Go To’ bike.


I’ll say it again, the G2 is huge fun! For mixing up rides with stretches of country lanes and diving into the woods and along bridleways, dirt tracks and through skinny singletrack, before pottering back into town along the cycle path for a flat white and brownie to recover and Instagram your adventure, the G2 is bob on.

I must admit I do enjoy riding bikes like the G2. From the tyre and equipment selection to the geometry, these bikes allow me to spice up otherwise regular road rides through the lanes with forays into any woodland that has public access through it. Once you start exploring it’s surprising just how many off-road paths there are to be ridden and added to your mental map.

Credit: RoadCC

The G2 shines in this capacity as a bike capable of doing service on the road, where it’s adequately comfortable to contend with poorly surfaced lanes, yet be able to roll up its sleeves and get stuck into some meaty dirt tracks. Down rubble-strewn descents with rocks pinging off the tyres, sliding around bermed corners at my local mountain biking spot, and blasting along the edge of fields in a way that reminds me of 90s mountain biking, the G2 does it all.


The new G2 offers brilliant performance that is fun on off-road trails and fast and pleasantly comfortable on the road. It’s well equipped for the money with no changes required, just slap on your favourite pedals and hit the road/dirt. As the rivals above show, it’s competitive on price too.


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