The Kinesis RTD “Race The Distance” is a bike that truly lives up to its name, but it is so much more versatile than this suggests – it also happens to be the perfect winter or all-season road bike for UK conditions.

Designed to be the ultimate transcontinental racer, this is a bike born to be ridden quickly in all conditions across cities, counties or continents, we’ve been blown away by the performance of this bike, and independent reviews suggest that we aren’t alone in loving the RTD.  Read on for snippets and links to some of the outstanding reviews that have been flooding the RTD’s way.

Whether it’s long winter miles, the Sunday club run, an audax, or even the transcontinental race itself, this bike conquers all with a feeling of passion as well as practicality.

“Taking inspiration from and working with the late, great Mike Hall, the RTD has striking graphics and classic colours, helping it stand out from the rest and begging you to take it for a ride or new adventure…To pigeon hole the RTD as only a long distance bike does the Scandium aluminium frame and carbon forks from Columbus a great injustice.

I have been riding the RTD on local roads for several weeks and it’s responsive, light at the front end, punchy out of the corners and up the best (worst) climbs the South East and Peak District has to offer.

There is just something about the RTD that is special.

Perhaps because there is a little bit of me in the bike, a bit of the TCR, a homage to Mike Hall and a bit of every ride who has ever pushed themselves further than they thought possible, further than their mental or even physical limits first allowed.

This bike is for the doers, the triers, the riders who want to explore, test themselves, push that little bit further than they did last week, the riders who dream, have ambition to ride further and think bigger, those who refuse to give up and will keep coming back until they achieve their sacred inner goal.

The RTD was built by a team full of passion, for the passionate.”

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“Kinesis RTD – A bike that will have you singin’ in the rain.

Even the day after a hard race, with tired legs, the new Kinesis RTD feels fast. It has a character that wills you to grab the bars and go. And to keep on going. This perhaps isn’t so surprising once you realise that RTD stands for ‘race the distance’, and is inspired by the ethos of long distance riding. We’re not talking about touring here, but fast-paced rides that tend to last for days rather than hours and involve carrying bags. Even if your intentions for this bike only extend as far as daily commutes and weekend café rides, knowing that it’s built to withstand the rigours of an event like the Transcontinental Race, a selfsupported charge across Europe founded by the late Mike Hall, is very reassuring.

The Kinesis RTD is our winner. It’s able to isolate you from wintry road slurry, while delivering an engaging ride that’s instantly enjoyable. Its excitingly urgent acceleration is as addictive as it is surprising, and is matched with refined handling that’s relaxed but nimble, and a fine build that includes the all-important practical luggage and mudguard considerations. All of which helps it edge out the Focus to take the win in the all-weather class.”

Read the full review: Cycling Plus March edition.

Credit: Cycling Plus Magazine

“Kinesis UK has close ties with the global Kinesis frame manufacturer based in Taiwan, so it’s unsurprising to see advanced techniques such as liquid SPF hydroforming used in its new model RTD bike. This allows tubing to be manipulated into shapes which aim to lower weight while improving strength and comfort, and an extremely rare element called Scandium has been added to the aluminium here to achieve this, creating thinner tubing in the process. The RTD is aimed primarily as a fast bikepacking bike and took initial design cues from the late endurance cycling legend Mike Hall. A close look at the RTD design shows that lots of thought has gone into the frame design including very neat cable routing, Di2 compatibility, mudguard mounts and three bottle-cage mounts.

Kinesis delivers a bike which exceeded all our expectations of what we thought an alloy bike can offer. The RTD may be designed with long-distance races or bikepacking treks in mind, but in reality, it’s a fantastic bike to ride over any distant – short or long. With a superbly designed frameset at its heart, we reckon the Kinesis RTD might just be destined to become a bit of a classic.

Kinesis’ new RTD is an impressive bike that meets its brief perfectly. It’s a smooth, quick and fun bike to ride and the frame is well designed, while its clean cable routing gives it a sleek look. With a great choice of components throughout, it all adds up to what is, quite simply, a superb bike.”

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“A light frame with endurance racing bike geometry, which is like a supercharged, updated version of my TK3, but with the capability to take a much wider tyre, providing a more comfortable ride and the versatility to tackle less-than-perfect road surfaces and the odd bit of gravel when required. I’ve found that it handles well on descents, feels light and responsive when climbing, accelerating and cornering. It feels very stable too, even when loaded up with bags – the perfect bike to ride endurance races like The Transcontinental Race on, which is exactly what Kinesis set out to create…

Aesthetics are important too and the attention to detail is another stand-out feature of the RTD for me. That striking monochrome paint job isn’t just eye-catching, it’s also functional. All the of black and striped areas are frame bag contact points, which allows me to protect the frame against rub with as much tape as I need without spoiling the overall look of the bike, whether the bags are on or off. The internal cable routing guides the cables through the head tube rather than the down tube which gives an overall cleaner look, and ensures that cables don’t hinder fitting bags to the frame. The frame also features three bottle mounts – essential on hot summer days in locations where amenities are sparse.”

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