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From their earliest products, the over-riding goal Kinesis UK has always been to create bikes, bike frames, wheels and components that excel in UK riding conditions.

Kinesis was the very first brand that we stocked when Epic Cycles opened over a decade ago, as we knew from the start that any frame or component with the Kinesis UK badge on it meant that it must be well made and dependable all year round, perform at a level beyond its price point and help people have fun while riding, whatever the conditions or terrain.

Kinesis launched their brand believing that UK riders would appreciate products that are carefully designed to make UK riding better and are affordable – and over the years many thousands of Kinesis customers have agreed!

In what’s rapidly getting close to 20 years, Kinesis UK have built up a fantastic amount of in-house experience, talent and depth in their team. Their knowledge and expertise at selecting the best materials, the right components, together with design, construction, engineering and manufacturing partners that work closely with them to build unique and distinctive products, is second to none in the UK.

Whilst riders around the world are increasingly looking to buy Kinesis UK products, their focus remains the same today as it did at the beginning: to develop great products for the UK that are fun to ride and easy to own and live with all year round.

All Kinesis bikes come to us as framesets, ready to build to meet your specific needs and budget – we have unrivalled expertise in helping you to match components with your own unique set of requirements.  And as UK market-leading specialists in custom built bikes we offer the very highest levels of service and expertise, whether visiting in person or purchasing remotely.


The aluminium Tripster AT takes Kinesis UK’s years of experience gained with the legendary titanium Tripster ATR and their range of championship winning cyclocross bikes, to create a bike capable of almost all terrains and true adventures at an affordable price point.

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‘ATR’ stands for Adventure. Tour. Race. But it could just as easily stand for “All Terrain” . Because that’s what the titanium Tripster ATR excels at – taking on pretty much any kind of terrain you can throw at it, all while retaining a refined ride feel that you just don’t get with lesser frame materials.

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The Kinesis G2 is nimble, fast handling and plenty tough enough for the rough and tumble of UK gravel riding, but is also great for fast riding over paved roads.  The G2 is a classic do-it-all bike – more capable than a road bike and more versatile than a dedicated adventure bike.

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The R1 is the latest complete bike from Kinesis UK, following on the success of the G2 complete gravel bike and heavily influenced by the award winning Kinesis RTD and 4S road frames. The R1 is a 1x road bike aimed at riders of all abilities and experience levels, and offers bags of versatility, in an engaging and highly practical package.

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The RTD is the ideal transcontinental racing bike – designed to be ridden fast across cities, counties or continents, the premium Scandium framed RTD lives up to its name “Race The Distance”.  Be that to work, on the Sunday club run, an Audax or even The Transcontinental Race itself!

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The Kinesis UK GTD is the natural evolution of the multi award winning GF-Ti frameset – the ultimate super-refined Gran Fondo bike.  The Kinesis GTD is not just a Sunday best bike, it is the perfect Audax or fast paced touring bike over the roughest of roads.

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