At Epic Cycles we were very excited to see the latest developments in Titanium from Kinesis UK.

The original Racelight GF Ti was a bike that originated directly from discussions a few years back between Kinesis and ourselves – we were desperate to see a Titanium frame that was suited for UK specific conditions, that offered agile performance, allied to sufficient comfort to handle long hours over some of the rougher UK back-roads, but that also had clearance for mudguards without the bike becoming slow handling in order to accommodate them.

Kinesis UK understand UK conditions better than anyone, and their knowledge of metal frame construction is unrivalled – so they were in our view better positioned than anyone else to deliver the ultimate all-round road bike.  Close to a decade on and the latest version of the GF Ti is everything we envisaged and more!

Titanium is the perfect material for a genuine high-performance all-rounder – it is very lightweight, corrosion resistant, lively, comfortable and with a beautiful understated appearance.  And if, as in this case, the titanium is of the highest quality with super-high purity levels it is also incredibly strong and reliable, making it ideal for use in tough conditions or when carrying a load.  Beware cheap imitations – this is the real deal!

The Kinesis Racelight GFTi comes to us as a frameset, which can then be built up into a complete bike in our workshop using components of your choice. The GFTi is constructed from the highest quality Titanium alloy – unlike many of its Russian sourced competitors – and delivers a ride quality and reliability that can compete with the most exotic of bikes. All at a price that is simply unbeatable for a Ti frameset with this level of refinement.  >> more information here