Kinesis drew on years of experience and knowledge gained from their now legendary Tripster ATR in the creation of the Tripster AT, and from the first ride we knew this bike would have no problem living up to its ‘All Terrain’ name. With a fresh new look and a few tweaks the 2019 model is better than ever. If you’re looking for a cutting edge adventure bike with heaps of versatility then look no further.

Originally developed as a trans-continental all-road racing bike, the Tripster AT is stunningly quick across all surfaces, and balances this beautifully with comfort and stability that is especially notable after hours in the saddle. This is a bike rugged enough to take the scrapes and knocks of off-road riding, and boasts a host of features for carrying luggage, additional bottles and mudguards, plus frame tweaks that support multiple wheel and tyre sizes, as well as groupset options. This truly is a bike for any rider looking for a challenging and fun two-wheeled adventure.

Kinesis worked closely with the late Mike Hall during the design process of the new Tripster AT, and his love for long distance, multi-terrain riding is reflected in both the look and feel of this bike. Distinctive frame graphics and enhanced ride quality make it clear that this is a bike born from a passion for riding.

Hours spent on the Tripster AT help you appreciate its merits, and ability to look out for you day after day. Rock solid, refined handling, and great practicality – Bike Radar.

The new Kinesis AT delivers a package that’s ready for whatever adventure you might have planned…it excels off-road on the terrain it was designed for. It’s also a bit of a bargain – Cyclist Magazine.

The AT brings the versatility of the ATR to a far wider spread of adventure-seeking cyclists, offering a lively, responsive ride capable of clipping along on the road or picking a tight line through the rough stuff – RCUK.

With the recent addition of Lauf forks to our range of customisation options here in store, the term ‘all-terrain’ just became even more expansive. Replace the traditional fork with this innovative suspension system and the parameters of what’s possible on board this bike change once again. A bike that can already hold its own on the road, gravel, dirt tracks, and a multitude of other surfaces once reserved for the pure off-road machines, can now take you on even more extreme adventures.

If you want a bike that lives up to it’s catchphrase of “All Year, All Terrain, All Fun.” then this is the bike for you.

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