We’re excited to introduce to you the latest rider to be supported by Epic Cycles.

Molly Weaver is a professional road rider who decided to take a break from racing this year, however after some time away from the bike has decided to get back in the saddle and try something a little different.

When the idea was pitched to us that she wanted to see if it was possible to go from being a pro roadie, to an extended period off the bike, to a competitive cyclocross racer we wanted to be a part of the journey.  Whether this leads to ‘epic’ success on the bike, or simply shows it’s possible to jump into something new and discover the love of riding in unexpected places, then this is what cycling is all about.

Molly will be blogging for us throughout the ups and downs of this experience, from learning new skills, to tech discoveries and bike reviews, as well as sharing her knowledge of training and stories from the races.

For the coming cross season Molly will be riding the Genesis Vapour with Force 1 (thanks go to Genesis Bikes for their support too).

Read her first blog announcing the decision to ‘cross over’:

“But here’s a ‘what if’ I can do something about: what if I try cyclocross?

As those of you who follow me on social media or read my last blog will know, I did get back on the bike a couple of months ago. I had no idea where I wanted this to lead, and to begin with I just cycled for my rediscovered love of it.  I had some space to explore new places and experience just being a bike rider. During this time I’ve barely touched a road bike, and spend most of my riding hours on gravel and dirt tracks. I needed the change of scenery and to try something new, and the joy I’m getting out of it has refreshed my relationship with the bike.”

….read the full blog here on the excellent Peloton Brief  >>