Using Orbea’s MyO programme it is easy and fun to design your own colour scheme, with over 1.5 million colour combinations – all at no additional cost!

While top quality off-the-shelf bikes are already great, what if you could have something completely different to anybody else, and which is a perfect match for your personal taste…. and all for free? Orbea has revamped their customization program and interactive MyO website to do more than ever – and more than any other manufacturer can offer.

Using the MyO programme it is possible to specify your own colour scheme, with over 1.5 million colour combinations – all at no additional cost!

Available on most of Orbea’s carbon and top-level alloy frames, the custom MyO colour option only adds a small delay to the delivery of your bike, because every premium level frame is made and painted in the Orbea factory and only held in tiny numbers as pre-painted stock.  The majority of frames are held in raw form and only painted as needed.

“Throughout our more than 175-year history, customization has always been one of our best weapons. Ever since we started to manufacture bicycles, our objective has remained unchanged: to make sure that you can pedal a bike that is exactly what you want.

Every rider is unique. We all know that looking for the same type of bicycle does not mean that we have the same bike in mind… or the same needs. There are users who take out their road bike seven days a week, and others who give it a less intensive use. There are those who put their MTB through the most impossible trail rides, and others who prefer to enjoy the freedom of the mountain over more relaxed terrains. There are users who prefer to invest in the drive train, while others prefer to have the latest fork on the market; some are looking for maximum lightness when putting together the bike components, while others are considering whether to have one, two or three chainwheels…

In the end, what’s important is for the bicycle to be set up just how you want it: selecting from among different sprockets, wheels, seat, etc. to choose those that best match how you want to use your bike. In short, you can go as far as you want with the customization of your bicycle. This is MyO, our commitment to manufacture for you the exact bicycle you need, just like you’ve designed it.”  ORBEA

Orbea’s manufacturing model is what makes it possible to provide this level of customization and flexibility: Orbea is not a bike warehouse. They are bicycle manufacturers, with technologically advanced painting facilities, and above all, highly qualified people who are committed to every step of the process.

Those who paint and assemble your customized bicycle entirely at the Orbea headquarters in Mallabia are also huge bike fans and are company owners. That’s why, in someways, every MyO bicycle bears their name as well as yours.

Aside from the exceptional engineering and performance of every Orbea, what we love most is seeing the individuality of each bike.

From a colour we haven’t seen before adding a new dimension to an already stunning Orca Aero, to the eye-catching pop of colour on the fork of a monochromatic Gain, each bike is truly unique.

There’s nothing better than seeing a customer collect their dream bike, designed by them.

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