With the changing of the seasons blowing in some wintry weather we’ve had to accept that the colder months have arrived.

Although training might become a bit more challenging, we have a range of mudguard compatible bikes ready to combat the damp and chilly weather with you.

With the rapid growth of ‘alternative’ markets such as gravel and adventure riding we’ve also seen a big step up in the world of winter bikes.

Traditionally this time of year was reserved simply for stronger and more affordable frames, however innovation and development has brought geometry, weight, handling, comfort, and speed into the equation.

From machines that eat up the miles whatever the weather, to hardier adventure orientated bikes, to race bred all-rounders, we have a wide range of bikes for every rider.


Racelight T3

The quintessential winter bike, re-imagined to be better than ever. Originally designed to make winter training fun, this bike offers comfort, responsiveness, hardiness and practicality in equal measure.

One of the classic winter bikes on the market, the T3 is still one of our all-time favourites in this category. Consistent improvement in the ride quality has meant that this bike has remained a cornerstone of the winter training market.

Focused on simplicity and reliability, long miles in sub-optimal conditions are no match for the Kinesis. With an affordable price point the T3 offers a phenomenal value winter training frame.


The RTD (“Race The Distance”) is the epitome of a fast winter training bike. Built for comfort over repeated days in the saddle, the RTD is a high performance option for winter miles that can double as a year-round long distance race machine.

Designed to be ridden fast across cities, counties or continents, the RTD lives up to its name. Whether it’s your morning commute to work, the Sunday club run, an Audax or even The Transcontinental Race, this bike is ready for it all.

Essentially a turbo charged T3, the RTD comes with mudguard compatibility, disc brakes, and a truly premium (Scandium) alloy that combines low weight with fast-paced performance.

4S Disc

The Kinesis 4S (or “4 Season”) Disc is the do it all bike of the range. Offering a middle ground between the classic T3 and the racier RTD, the 4S offers true race geometry combined with the ability to fit mudguards and a wider tyre.

This is the perfect option for a rider looking for a bike that will handle like their summer race bike, or a winter bike that they can race through the Summer. A true four seasons bike.


Vapour Alloy

Another exceptional bike that blurs the lines between a true winter bike and an all-rounder.

This highly versatile mudguard compatible machine is the ideal choice for winter training, commuting, adventure riding and cross racing.

A less aggressive descendant of the racier Genesis Vapour Carbon, this bike achieves a riding position more suited to long days on the road. Striking a balance between cost and performance, the Vapour Alloy is fast, smooth and dependable.

Croix de Fer

The classy looking Croix de Fer is supremely capable, infinitely adaptable and totally reliable.

Another bike that can boast extreme versatility, the steel Croix de Fer offers the perfect option for those riders leaning towards the adventure market. A capable beast of a bike achieving a fast and responsive, yet stable, surefooted and perfectly balanced ride.

The CdF personifies fun on two wheels, paved or unpaved.



An unbeatable value winter bike, the drop-bar Vector is a relaxed and sporty option.

A blend of low weight and durability usually reserved for more expensive machines, the Vector is the perfect tool for doing whatever you like – whether it’s commuting from work or taking on a long ride through the country lanes.

The Vector is Orbea’s latest multi-role bike that emphasises versatility.



A supremely versatile bike, combining cyclocross performance with everything from commuting to long winter miles battling through the back roads.

Taking the inspiration for its geometry and fit from its big brother, the SuperX model, the mudguard compatible CAADX delivers incredible responsiveness, stability and handling at a more affordable price point.

A complete all-rounder, the CAADX is lightweight, smooth, and with a finely balanced geometry that makes it the perfect companion for racing and training alike.

From the true masters of aluminium.

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