Everyday Low Prices

Everyday Low Prices

Everyday Low Prices   –   0% Finance   –   Free Delivery   –   Free Fitting   –   Free Servicing

Everyday Low Prices

At Epic Cycles we operate an Every Day Low Pricing policy – but what does that mean?

Well, at its most basic, it means that at Epic Cycles we offer highly competitive prices across our entire range of bikes, to all of our customers, every single day of the year – not just at sale times or on one or two promotional items.

And if you join Epic Cycles Club you will have immediate access to discounts of up to 12% off the manufacturer’s RRP of all standard models.

But it is also important to compare what we actually offer vs what some on-line discount outlets supply.  Almost every bike we sell is personalised in some way – it is not just simply supplied in the form that it left the factory. It is adjusted to fit your needs (e.g. we alter component sizes to suit your measurements, or fit different gear ratios, different width tyres or more suitable saddles etc), tailored with additional or unique parts of your choosing, or built from scratch with a full custom specification.

And every single bike we sell is stripped down, subjected to rigorous quality control inspections, and then tuned for safe, reliable and high performance riding – with every aspect meeting full warranty protection requirements. It is NEVER just shipped in the state it left the factory!

So, when comparing prices for fully tuned and personalised products we believe we are day-in-day-out the best value bike store in the UK…not just at some once a year clearance event.

For more on bike personalisation and tuning please visit our Customising page.

Finally, we are honest with our prices – a few things Epic Cycles WON’T do:

  • Sell grey imports or second class stock at knock down prices but with no extended warranty or service cover.

  • Advertise give-away prices on items we can’t actually supply – or only offer in sizes or colours that no-one wants.

  • Discount last year’s model and “forget” to tell you the differences with the current model.

  • Use one or two eye-catching offers to create the false impression of low prices all round.

  • Hold an annual Sale – because we offer the best prices we can all year round.  We do occasionally have items of stock that we need to clear, such as ex-display bikes, but we will reduce the prices of these items as and when the need arises, not as part of an annual event.

  • Sell shop soiled items as new.

Who needs the stress of haggling and wondering if you really did get the best price we could offer? At Epic Cycles that is one stress you can forget.  The bottom line is that our prices are highly competitive and genuine. For everyone. Every day.


At Epic Cycles we focus on one thing – supplying high-quality bikes from leading brands to suit all budgets.  We leave accessories to others so we can concentrate on bikes themselves, and we are proud to be a Centre of Excellence for all of our brands   >> more


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We don’t have seasonal Sales. Instead, by locating ourselves away from expensive high street showroom locations, we offer low prices every day of the year, to every customer. All with flexible purchasing options, such as 0% Finance and Cycle to Work   >> more


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