Building on their already stellar reputation in the world of high performance aluminium bikes, it comes as no surprise that we love the new and updated CAAD13. It may have seemed like an impossible task for Cannondale to beat the iconic CAAD12, especially given that it won every award going, but they have done just that.

This is quite simply the speediest, smoothest, best handling, finest performing aluminum race bike in the world. We’re yet to see a review that didn’t rave about the CAAD13, and that record has continued with RoadCC crowning it Road Bike Of The Year.

ROADCC Road Bike Of The Year:

“The CAAD13 represents far more than a quick update for Cannondale’s aluminium race bike – drag has been reduced, versatility has increased and the ride is more comfortable than ever. This is a really impressive revamp and an excellent alternative to carbon. You can even fit mudguards, which is a boon for UK cyclists.”

“The belief that aluminium bikes are always harsh is among the more pervasive myths out there, but one ride on the new CAAD13 demonstrates that’s really not the case. This bike offers a superbly smooth ride.

…The CAAD13 is in no way an aero road bike in the same vein as Cannondale’s SystemSix, but the designers have added several features designed to reduce drag, as they have with the SuperSix Evo on which it is broadly based. The down tube is a truncated aerofoil profile – so it has a rounded leading edge, flattish sides and a squared-off rear. The idea, as ever with a design like this, is that the air acts almost as if there were a long, tapered tail, but without the weight penalty or an adverse effect on handling.”

“Cannondale has developed a new model that keeps all the best bits from before and added aero features, extra comfort, and versatility. Added together, this results in one of the very best aluminium bikes out there.

Why it wins: Aero-tuned aluminium road bike that proves carbon isn’t the only option for a smooth ride.”

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Cycling Weekly Editor’s Choice:

Although officially handed the crown in December of 2019, the CAAD13 is rightly one of the top aluminium bikes of this year. In fact, it’s one of the top bikes. Period.

“Cannondale’s CAAD13 is faster, more comfortable and more capable than almost any other aluminium framed bike ever created. It’s managed to improve on the already exceptional CAAD12, itself a recipient of an Editor’s Choice award so quite rightly belongs in this year’s honours list.”

““Is this carbon?”, almost without fail, these would be the first words anyone uttered after taking the CAAD13 for its first spin. The CAAD13 doesn’t skip over the road, it purrs with an almost intangible level of comfort and smoothness. It’s a little more solid in it’s ride characteristic than the equivalent SuperSix EVO carbon framed bike but this is where the aluminium construction benefits it. It mutes road noise and the additional weight of the bike discourages it from being knocked off line. Handling is ridiculously good and even on my first ride I was confident traveling full speed downhill on unfamiliar roads. In fact it encourages the hooligan in you to try and catch it out. I really could ride it blindfolded and still have confidence.”

“Verdict – The CAAD13 is a worthy successor to the already superb CAAD12 and has managed to out perform its predecessor in every aspect. If you are in the market for an aluminium race bike that can take the knocks as well as it performs then look no further. In fact it is so good it begs the question, do you really need carbon?”

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