“Today’s riders are more capable than ever. So we made a groupset that fits their needs. We focused on where road is going, not simply where it’s been.”

Following on from the launch of its premiere 12-speed wirless RED eTAP AXS groupset earlier this year, SRAM have now released a lower-cost alternative. The new Force eTAP AXS groupset SRAM offers the key features of Red eTap AXS – modern gearing, advanced chain management and easy personalisation – in a more affordable package.

At Epic Cycles we are very impressed with the new 12s eTap groupsets – there are many highlights, but for us the biggest leap forward is the gearing.  Not content with just allowing for an extra cog within the normal range at the back, SRAM have totally re-thought the range of ratios on offer, using their tried and tested XD hub design.  The result is a range of ratios that starts with a smaller gear and ends with a bigger gear, all with smaller steps, than traditional ranges from 11s SRAM and all of their technology competitors.  Who doesn’t want slicker changes, with an easier gear for when gradients get challenging and a bigger gear for when the descent kicks in?  This has all the hallmarks of a game changer, and our first Force AXS bikes are available from mid April (see below).


Modern Gearing – Road bikes are faster and more capable than ever before, and riders are expanding what’s possible with drop bar bikes. X-Range™ offers wider range, more useful and smoother gear progression, as well as smarter shift settings— enabled by AXS™.

Super Smooth – On tarmac or gravel, 1x or 2x, eTap AXS™ gives a quiet, secure, and smooth ride. Thanks to the ultralightweight Orbit™ fluid damper and a unique Flattop™ chain, you’ll ride more confidently and efficiently than ever—no matter the terrain.

AXS™ Enabled Control – Personalize. Monitor. AXS™—SRAM’s new bike component integration system—takes eTap® wireless shifting to the next level. The SRAM AXS™ app allows riders to see battery status, change component behavior, personalize controls, get maintenance reminders, and update firmware.

AXS™ is SRAM’s new bike component integration system that connects electronic bicycle components and software. The SRAM AXS™ App allows riders to see battery status, change component behavior, personalize controls, get maintenance reminders, and update firmware.


Orbea have been the first out of the blocks with their new SRAM Force eTAP AXS enabled bikes. From the new Orbea Orca being the dominant bike featured in press coverage from SRAM, to the design and engineering ready and raring to go from day one, Orbea’s updated Orca has shown itself as the bike to beat right now.

The best of SRAM’s AXS™ technology meets the new Orca, packaged up in the new Force groupset. Orbea are introducing two new models in the 2020 range in partnership with SRAM: Orca M21i Team D and Orca M21i Team DL.

Orca is their top performance racing bike. Orbea’s obsession with this bike was to achieve the highest ratio possible between rigidity and weight, as opposed to traction capacity and aerodynamics. (It is impossible to improve rigidity, weight, aerodynamics and absorption capacity all at the same rate.)

But the best competition bike is not just light or rigid. Or just aerodynamic or with good absorption capacity. It’s the efficient combination of all these things.

Orca combines these elements to maximize the transfer of energy and speed under all conditions, although what stands out the most is its rigidity and light weight. Ultimately, the most efficient bike is the one that will let you ride faster.

The new Orca is here with the new SRAM Force eTap AXS™ on both models, one with a 10-28 cassette and the other with a 10-33 cassette. Both models have key features from SRAM’s RED eTap AXS™ electronic groupset, but in a more affordable version.

For more information on the new Orbea Orca – https://epic-cycles.co.uk/orbea-orca

All-new Bianchi Sprint featuring SRAM Force eTAP AXS:

Coinciding perfectly with the release of SRAM Force eTAP AXS, Bianchi has revealed its stunning new carbon-fibre Sprint road bike, an update of the Sempre Pro, designed to be lightweight and coming in a race geometry.

Originally a mid-level steel road race bike for the Italian company in the 1970s, Bianchi is bringing back the Sprint as a reasonably priced modern carbon road bike. The spirit of the new bike remains the same, providing a high-quality road bike suitable for cyclists just getting into road racing as much as for riders just looking to have fun on the bike.

“The carbon monocoque frame is constructed around a racing-specific geometry, providing an aggressive platform from which to chase down attacks, launch breakaways and sprint for mid-race primes,” says Bianchi. “The aerodynamic profile of the head tube acts as further evidence of the Sprint’s elite racing DNA.”

Available with SRAM Force eTAP AXS, this is a bike for those entering the world of competitive road cycling, according to Bianchi, as well as for riders taking on gran fondos and sportives.

For more information on the new Bianchi Sprint – https://epic-cycles.co.uk/bianchi-sprint

Coming Soon – All-new SRAM Force eTAP AXS equipped Cervelo and Cannondale bikes. Full details to be announced soon.


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