Over the years we’ve spent a lot of time visiting brand HQ’s, watching technology and design develop, and being introduced to new products across the entire spectrum of performance innovation. Along with that has come the full range of emotion; from disappointment and anticlimax, to relief and excitement. Best of all though is when we walk away feeling inspired to ride our bikes, and to bring the best riding experience to every customer that walks through our door.

This is exactly what happened when we were invited out to Mavic’s HQ to see what the coming year had in store.

It was clear that a huge amount of work has been put in to step up the performance of their (already high performing) wheels for 2020, which should always be expected from a brand held to this high a standard. But what impressed us more was the reignited feeling of passion within the brand. This is of course about making the world’s highest performance wheels, but more than that it’s about creating product that increases the value of every pedal stroke, from the perspective of fun as well as speed.

After a trip to the UK HQ, followed by a flying visit to climb some mountains in France with Mavic’s famous yellow service course vehicles, we’ve been lucky enough to experience first hand everything the 2020 lineup has to offer. Now it’s time to introduce some our favourites from the new and improved range.

Mavic Pro Carbon UST range:

Every model in the Ksyrium, Cosmic and Comete range has received an overhaul for 2020, and with a number of exciting new models coming in at different levels, it was hard to pick a selection to feature here. Moving away from the top of the range “SL” models, which you won’t be surprised to hear are exceptional, the Pro Carbon UST lineup has seriously impressed us. Now coming in at a significantly lower price point, the performance of these wheels is simply stunning.

Trading a little weight for aerodynamic gain as you move through the Pro Carbon range, these wheels have a lot in common. They all share the highest levels of research and development when it comes to hub design, spokes, and carbon technology, and all are available in both rim and disc brake versions. Also sharing the same price tag, it’s up to you where the watts should be saved.

Ksyrium Pro Carbon UST Disc:

The Ksyrium line has always offered the unbeatable combination of light weight, high stiffness, comfort and reliability. The newest edition climbs and corners faster than ever before.

  • Reduced inertia of the lighter weight rim delivers instant acceleration.
  • NACA inspired rim shape (32mm deep) minimizes aerodynamic drag.
  • Light weight and high lateral stiffness helps you maximize your effort when the road rises.
  • Weight: 1620 grams

If your typical rides include a little of everything—tough climbs, technical cornering and descents—the Ksyrium Pro Carbon Disc is a fast, easy way to supercharge your road bike.

Cosmic Pro Carbon UST Disc:

The allure of carbon combined with proven Cosmic performance—fast, lightweight and always reliable.

  • 45mm NACA inspired rim shape minimizes drag for added speed.
  • Reduced inertia of the lightweight rim delivers instant acceleration.
  • Minimal drag, low inertia and high lateral stiffness makes it fast and efficient on all types terrain, from the flats to mountain climbs.
  • Weight: 1650 grams.

This updated wheel system is now engineered with fewer spokes than the previous version (20 compared to 24) and those spokes feature a patented elliptical shape. As a result, overall weight has been reduced 70g with no compromises in stiffness or strength.

Comete Pro Carbon UST Disc:

This all-new high-performance wheel system incorporates Mavic’s most cutting-edge technologies to give you a proven aero advantage out on the road. Made faster by minimizing friction, both through the air and on the ground through UST tubeless technology.

As Mavic themselves put it, “Speed and aero performance shouldn’t be reserved just for pros. Based on our race-proven Comete Pro Carbon SL rims, this new carbon road wheel brings true aero benefits to more people.”

  • 65mm NACA-inspired rim shape minimizes drag.
  • 26mm wide rim optimized for 25mm tires.
  • Flat spokes.
  • Reduced inertia of the lightweight rim delivers instant acceleration.
  • Weight: 1840 grams.

Ksyrium Elite UST Disc:

A favourite performance wheel of ours for many years, the revised Ksyrium Elite is perfect for practical everyday road training and racing. If you’re looking for a more wallet-friendly wheel that can do it all, then this versatile wheel produces a lightweight, dynamic ride quality. The Ksyrium has long been considered a smart way to upgrade your bike; and it just got even smarter.

  • 19mm internal rim width increases air volume.
  • ISM 4D superlight rim.
  • Double-butted steel spokes keep the weight down, for a fast and comfortable ride.
  • Weight: 1670 grams.
  • 24 spokes front and rear for optimized brake torque distribution.

If you’re looking for an upgrade that can instantly boost your road bike’s performance, look no further.

Mavic All-Road:

One of the areas we were most excited about seeing was the Allroad range. A rapidly expanding market, finding the best wheel to suit all your needs is becoming more and more important. From smooth dirt roads, loose dirt roads, loose gravel roads, rough gravel trails … even pavement. The list of what the Mavic Allroad wheels can do is endless.

Offering huge amounts of versatility, reliability and trustworthy performance, Mavic has taken the increasingly demanding list of All-road requirements into consideration and brings you the right solution no matter where you ride.

Allroad Pro Carbon SL:

The newest addition to Mavic’s Allroad wheel range is the ultra high-performance Allroad Pro Carbon SL. Helping you crank up the speed while racing or riding your toughest gravel grinders or mixed road adventures.

  • Superlight full carbon rims optimized for impact resistance.
  • Light double butted steel spokes keep weight low and maintain vertical compliance.
  • Tough and light Instant Drive 360 freewheel system.
  • 24 spokes front and rear for optimized brake torque distribution.

The Allroad Pro Carbon SL features cutting-edge technologies, blending Mavic’s proven expertise in building race-winning road rims and durable, smooth-riding MTB rims.

Over the last 10 years Mavic has been our most popular upgrade and custom build brand. They don’t only provide the optimal balance of build and materials quality, performance and life-long reliability – they also offer the most cost effective way of adding this balance of qualities to your bike.  Sure, there are some cheaper wheel brands available, but none that can match the value for money that Mavic offer for wheels at the same level, and few that have lower cost per mile over the lifetime of your wheels.  Now refreshed with modern “logo light” finish, they’ve become an even bigger staff favourite. With the wider appeal of the new and updated range, our ‘go-to’ wheel brand really has stepped up for 2020.

For details of all the wheels Mavic have to offer, check out their website: https://www.mavic.com/en-gb

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