Cannondale have today launched one of the most anticipated high performance e-bikes of all time. An evolution of Cannondale’s flagship SuperSix Evo race bike, the new SuperSix Evo Neo retains race leading performance with the added boost of a Mahle ebikemotion hub motor.

Still sporting many of the design elements of the stunning 2020 SuperSix Evo, with low weight and lively handling, the Neo gains 250w of electric assistance for added entertainment.

Built on good foundations, this bike is light, aerodynamic and fast as hell

The Mahle X35 motor, built into the rear hub, benefits from being among the lightest systems on the market at (a claimed) 3.5kg.  This hidden battery means the top spec bike in the range comes in at a total claimed weight of just 11.3kg.

Perhaps more significantly, the system also allows minimal disruption to the overall frame design due to the integration of the motor unit. Cannondale have worked hard to create one of the cleanest and speediest looking e-bikes to hit the market up until now. The Neo looks almost identical to the non-motorised version. It shares all of the same frame design and tech features that Cannondale lavished over the new Supersix Evo – just with added power.

Credit: BikeRadar

Cannondale have also ensured riders get all of the aero benefits of the non-electric Supersix on the new e-road model, with the Neo featuring highly truncated airfoil tubes which, according to Cannondale engineers, can generate up to 30 per cent less drag.

“We know that drag reduction has a huge effect on speed and performance in cycling,” said Nathan Barry, Cannondale design engineer. “This holds true for e-road bikes as well; reducing drag makes it easier to go faster, especially once riders go above the assistance threshold.”

Cannondale is catering for a slightly different audience with its latest e-bike. While the Synapse Neo is aimed at the more casual rider, the SuperSix EVO Neo is targeted at enthusiasts still looking for a high performance road bike.

Cannondale themselves describe the Evo Neo rider as ‘…a committed and experienced rider, who appreciates the nuances of bicycle design and who likely still seeks new challenges and hence wants a high-performance cycling experience, just with a discreet boost.’

Credit: maillotmag

The new Cannondale SuperSix Evo Neo is expected in store imminently, and we can’t wait to get our hands on one. Not only is the boasted ride quality exceptional, the discreet e-bike integration looks to be one of the best we’ve ever seen.

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